AAAHHHH! | Field Report 4: MegaCon 2022

  • By: NickG
  • Date: July 2, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

It’s their world and I’m just living in it.

Based Tripod

Featured Cosplayers (In order of appearance)
Danganronpa – Chiaki (@bellxrianna)
Demon Slayer – Shinobu (@bigchzzz)
Demon Slayer – Inosuke (@WholeWheatPete)
Florida Man – Free Shrugs (@JackHP)
Food Wars! – Soma (@boosted_david)
Degenerate Bakas – (@degeneratebakas)
Florida Man – Megumin Simp (@thesmug_one)
Not Jack Sparrow – (@theidahojew)
Hunter x Hunter – Shizuku (@malknd)
Hunter x Hunter – Gon (@zelayandia.420)
Hunter x Hunter – Killua (@just.niya)
Howl’s Moving Castle – Sophie Hatter (@arca.na13)
Akame ga Kill! – Esdeath (@hannahsharp7)
Akame ga Kill! – Akame (@addieegilbert)
Who You Got? Champion – (@2ndrounds)
Super Sonico – (@hoennleaugechamp)
Ensemble Stars – Mika (@mikejimaswife)
The Lord of the Rings – Frodo (@mortalmaiden)
Genshin Impact – Mona (@rorysbrain)
Chainsaw Man – Power (@senkocos)
The Sandal Swooper – (@keres.exe)
Deadpool – (@wardogs53)
Trigun – Vash the Stampede (@stfu.animeson)
Jujutsu Kaisen – Yuta (@reikuma.cosplay)
Fire Force – Tamaki (@wasabimonster.cosplay)
Bowsette – (@murtles.turtle)
Jesus Christ – (@scottywartooth)
Chainsaw Man – Makima (@embisceglia)
Chainsaw Man – Aki (@bakagobaker)
Chainsaw Man – Aki (@benkulchak)
Chainsaw Man – Denji (@bi.g_anthony)
Chainsaw Man – Kobeni (@abymochi)
Chainsaw Man – Power (@loquacious2)
Chainsaw Man – Denji (@atsea_cosplay)
One Punch Man – Saitama (@will._.ny)
Chainsaw Man – Kobeni (@remscarlet)
Attack on Titan – Soldier of Paradis (@weaselchief)
DRAMAtical Murder – Aoba (@niki_prez)
Death Note – Misa (@aliceanncosplay)
Star Wars – Mandalorian (@luciferrerorocher)
Scooby Doo – Shaggy (@safetyninjadave)
Scooby Doo – Velma (@kwolfepack_)
Scooby Doo – Daphne (@lady___kenz)
Scooby Doo – Fred (@kosherdylpickle)
Chainsaw Man – Makima (@praticallyalice)
Genshin Impact – Gorou (@nikisaii)

📍 News Segments
0:00 Cold Open
0:27 MegaCon 2022 OP
2:51 Comedy Central
5:43 PSA: Cosplay is Not Consent
6:03 Don’t Ask Me This Question Ever Again
6:18 How to Get TikTok Famous
7:04 My First TikTok at a Con
7:52 Cat Ears Go Hard…
8:15 CON-fession: Florida Man
8:48 Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls at a Convention?
9:20 “For Legal Reasons We Do Not Have a Foot Fetish”
10:12 CON-fession: Pre-School
10:39 Hello There
10:59 The Deviant Booth
11:12 ESPN
11:46 CON-fession: The “Moo”vement
12:13 National Talk Like Yoda Day
12:47 Food Wars!
13:51 Sushi vs. Egg Rolls
14:15 さようなら
15:52 Stinger

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