BELLE DELPHINE makeup tutorial

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  • Date: May 17, 2022
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A detailed tutorial on just how to appear like Belle Delphine modified and also finished version on my Instagram: @_shiroko_ ❗

Disclaimer: I don’t support her or her activities. I’m a cosplayer that suches as to change into different personalities once in a while. I like her make-up and also style, that’s it.

Hey guys it’s me Erica I’m finally doing a makeup tutorial on Belle Delphine but first of all let’s kind of get a cool mood and take off your hat and just put your hair away from your face so you don’t get any makeup on it. Also start with a clean and moisturized face now go get your makeup I start with a hydrating primer and just massage it in and don’t forget your neck. Then I roll my face with this roll thingy um it makes my skin much firmer and also makes it look more toned. 

Then I grab this thing and just go over my jawline and cheekbones, see the difference it makes ? Now I take this blurring primer and apply it on my t-zone and I don’t rub it in I kind of press it into my pores. I have very dry under eyes even with eye cream so – makeup tends to look pretty cakey under there so I put a hydrating primer – you prevent that.

Let’s get to Color correcting I put red under my eyes because dark circles are bluish and I put green on any redness or pimples I have now we finally get to apply the foundation I like to mix mine so I get the under turn right I also tend to go but lighter just because I contour my face a lot and I don’t want it to look too dark in the end. I apply with a damp Beauty Blender.

As you can see I apply a lot of Foundation that’s because that’s cosplay makeup I want to cancel out my face to create a new one. Normally I would just apply a little foundation in the middle of my face and blend it outwards because it looks more natural. Make sure to blend downwards your neck I like to make a double chin so it blends easier. My makeup tends to crease in my smile lines a lot so I remove it and just blend with who out ever makeup is left on my Beauty Blender.

Then I conceal with a high coverage concealer. I think this step is pretty self-explanatory just blend it and that’s it. Now I take a concealer with medium coverage to spot conceal and to apply on my t-zone I don’t use a high coverage concealer for this one because I don’t want my makeup to look too cakey. I use a very light concealer to highlight certain areas of my face and to bring them forward on there apply in the middle of my face because it makes my face appear slimmer because I have a pretty wide face.

Before I cosplay any character I analyzed their face and compared to mine so I know where I kinda have to change the areas I pointed are the areas I have to highlight on my face to bring them more forward she has a pretty small face and the volume of her cheek is kind of low but in the middle of her face not very high up and she has a very small jaw as well. She also has a pretty pointy and small nose

Now I compare my face to hers the area I’m showing you is the area where I have a little more shape so I kind of have to contour that away I also have to highlight my under eyes a bit more and make my nose bridge appear smaller because mine is pretty wide compared to hers.

You can see that the volume of my cheeks are pretty high compared to hers, so I will show you how I can turn my cheekbones to make it look more like hers this area seems to be pretty flat at her face and also I have to kind of straight my eyebrows because mine are more arched and hers.

After replying a bit more concealer I take my setting powder and a simple makeup puff and just apply it all over my face. I try not to bake too much because I have pretty dry skin so we kind of have to figure out what works best for you. Now let’s get the contouring.

It’s one of the most important steps as you can see I don’t apply to contour only underneath my cheekbones like you will normally do I also put it directly onto my cheekbones don’t worry if you apply too much you can always blend it out with your setting powder just to explain the basic of contour really quick whatever you darken who makes it appear smaller and more in that kind of because you’re creating a shadow and whatever you are highlighting comes more to the front and makes it appear bigger kind of little hip.

if you’re holding your brush it and then applied it makes it look more sheer while when you’re holding it in front you can intensify the product. Now blend everything with a big fluffy brush. I take my puffs again and apply some setting powder, don’t drag it to the side of your face because it will make it appear wider again and we also don’t want chiseled cheekbones on this look.

Grab a pinkish blush and don’t be shy put some more we really want some blush up cheeks, I put it all my cheekbones again and also a little in the corner of my eyes because I think it’s cute. Go have with it under your nose really pack it on also put some on the bridge of your nose and I put some on my chin also a bit of the temples and forehead. Contour has its limits so I face tape. Just watch me wherever I put my thumb and just drag it you can clearly see the difference it makes.

I won’t do it this time because it really irritates my skin and I have class afterwards so I will just teach you. I like to use medical tape just be sure to buy the one with the wide sticky side not like me. Grab a cotton pad and just kind of clean the area where you will put the tape with rubbing alcohol it makes it stick so much better. Make sure to go all around your head and connect about the tape from the other side.

Put them directly on top of them don’t like crisscross anything you can also change your eye shape with it to make it look more snatched and you can also lift your eyebrows it’s kind of like a facelift for at-home horror facetune in real life you can also change the shape of your lips or make your eyes look more droopy, it’s like the best thing ever I love it. You can also conceal a double chin with it.

Now let’s contour our nose. To make it look like hers I try to tighten my nose bridge a lot and make it look very small and tiny. I just did a little mistake I took the contour too far up to my eyebrows but I just explained that that area has to be flat so I removed your contour again with my puffs and some setting powder. I put a lot of contour on the bottom of my nose to make my tip appear girl more upward and that my nose also appears more pointy and that’s where I realized I messed up my corner because I touched my face too much.

By applying your contour like this it makes your nose look like a button nose and we want our nose to look like bell Delphine’s so yeah. Then take a cool-toned highlighter and applied on your cheekbones. Leant with a big fluffy brush. Now take a highlighter that’s a little more sheer so you can build it up I apply on my cheekbones again also a bit on my forehead and my chin.

Now brush off the bake, make sure to clean your brush in between uses so you don’t get any colors mixed up I take some white eyeshadow to highlight certain areas of my face a little bit more. Every face is different so maybe what works for me one work for others that’s okay just experiment and have fun.

Now apply a lighter powder in my case home white eyeshadow on the side of your nose to make it look more snatched. Now take a very small brush and apply a fine line of it in the middle of your nose we are kind of creating a highlight there. And, also put a dot where you want your tip to be don’t forget to blend though don’t blend sidewards. Take the highlighter again and highlight the same areas where you put the white eyeshadow.

Now let’s get to brows. Normally I will face taped my face to lift them the way I want them or just block them out completely and draw a nuance then I just take some light brown eyeshadow and kind of shave my brother way I wanted to be I also take some brown eyeliner and mini hair strokes to make it look more natural and realistic. I take some concealer to clean it up and also to kind of conceal any brow hair I don’t want.

I said I’m short on time so I will only do one brow and one eye. I’m sorry. Prime your eyes just use concealer you don’t need any fancy I primer. Now set it with some setting powder. Use some rose eyeshadow and apply it try not to make your eyes too round avoid you crease kind of and try to take it out.

Apply on the lower lashline as well. Now let’s analyze Bell Delphine’s eyes, her eyes are very elongated not surrounded sir open it looks like she’s squinting her eyes. She probably isn’t that picture but in general her brow tail is below her front brow and her front brow kind of aligns with the start of her eye so I kind of had to shorten mine and change the brow shape. It’s important to always check to see if you have to correct anything. Mine are still a little too dark so I grabbed a brow gel to make my eyebrows more sticky and applied a lighter eyeshadow on top of them this is how it will look taped. Apply a darker shadow on the outer corner.

Highlight your brow bone. So this is a close-up of my eyes so you can see step by step what I’m doing, first apply some eyeliner it doesn’t matter which one you use it just has to be black.  As you can see I took the eyeliner kind of more down and then created a wing.

Take it down to the point where I marked it so it kind of creates a line and makes your eye look more squishy somehow.  Draw a thin line with your eyeliner and kind of connect that part with the front of your eye. I use some spiky eyelashes the smaller ones are for the lower lash line. Cut them into little pieces apply a little bit of mascara not too much though just to darken your natural lashes try not to curl them. I’ve also put in some circle lenses I think they look great. I’ve got mine from TDI I will link them down below so you can check them out.

In the next step I put the fake lashes on my lower lash line I kind of wanted to create a new lower lash line. I also put some inner corner highlight and that inner corner eyeliner thingy. Only put mascara on this part of the eye because at the outer we already created a new lash line. I also kind of clean up this part a little bit more to make it a little sharper.

This one is a little bit blurry sorry. I put some black liner in my waterline only at this area. Put some white eyeliner on your waterline on this area, and some dark eyeshadow on this area. and that’s it guys we are finished with the eyes.

Let’s start with the lips, make sure to start with clean lips and put a light red tint on it then put some concealer on the outer rim of your lips. Put a little bit of red lipstick in the inner part of your lips and blend get a fine brush and apply some brown eyeshadow as following. Connect the line with your lower lip then put some eye shadow that’s a little bit darker on the area as shown. Now for the part that makes your lip actually look like bells wherever you will put that cotton ball it will kind of lift your lip and pull it upwards as you can see I put it on one side, but I will move it to the middle.

Put on some white or light eyeshadow as shown. Now try to do the penny wise smile, it takes me about 100 times to get it right so I just gave up. I took the cotton pad out again you can add some lip gloss as a finishing touch if you want to thanks for watching.

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Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine Eyelashes

Well I can’t find any Belle Delphene eyelashes out there but it would seem that if you use some spiky eyelashes, the smaller ones are for the lower lash line cut them into little pieces apply a little bit of mascara not too much though just to darken your natural lashes try not to curl them.

Next step is to put the fake lashes on my lower lash line to create a new lower lash line and also put some inner corner highlight and that inner corner eyeliner.

Only put mascara on this part of the eye because at the outer you already created a new lash line and also you can clean up this bit a little bit more to make it look sharper.

Can we see belle delphine with no makeup or belle delphine without makeup?

Well it looks like there are so far no pictures of belle delphine without makeup anywhere, we’ll just have to keep looking.

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