Bone Armor Helmet – Monster Hunter Rise Pt.1

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  • Date: November 10, 2021
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Hello this is Svelana from karma cosplay and today it’s finally time for another monster hunter costume so as you know i absolutely love monster hunter i already did the nergigante i’m more than a more completely light up i did also

Get married sophia from one stand before and now it’s finally time to do another glorious zip from monstada and this time i’m doing the bone armor which is one of my favorite beginner sets and i’m also wearing it right now in monster under eyes and like my favorite piece is the helmet it looks absolutely amazing and yeah this set actually got an really cool redesign and like this is

The old version and this is then the new version which appeared the very first segments don’t work it’s so cool and so this is also the piece i’m going to start right now which you will see in this video and to make it even better i actually uploaded the pattern because everything is actually just simple eva to my shop so if you follow this video

And download the pattern on you can make your very own glorious bone armor helmet isn’t that cool and if you have even no idea how to start with crafting at all you can check out my form armor book on it’s full of helpful tips and tricks and shows exactly what you need to know to make your very

First own armor set come on check that out and now let’s start with grafting [Music] so even though i’m doing the version from one standard rise i still use the model from one standard world as my main reference it just has a better resolution and most of the parts look identical anyway and as you can surely see

The armor design is really awesome i was so excited the first crafting steps were done by benny doe so here he is it’s penny time how are you doing i hope you’re having a great day so far to create a foam base for svetlana’s bone armor helmet i have to make a 3d model of it first for this i always use the free software blender if you have no idea at all about 3d

Modeling just check out some of the videos are already uploaded on this channel i put some links for you down in the video description so let’s start first i took a lot of in-game screenshots of the helmet i wanted to build then i cut these out in photoshop and imported them into blender in here i started with a little square that i extended outwards to follow the shapes of my reference

I know this probably looks super complicated to someone not familiar with 3d modelling but i promise it’s actually really easy just check out my blender beginner video then a few hours later the skull model plus horns were done now i only had to turn all of this into flat eba foam patterns and yes i also have a separate video tutorial about this step man i am so prepared okay

So once i was done i simply printed the patterns out after cutting them all out i grabbed some five millimeter low density eva foam and traced all of them twice we obviously need two halves of it a few strokes of my box cutter later and i had all the pieces cut out and ready to go i applied contact cement to all the edges waited a bit for it to dry and then

Connected all of the pieces just one after the other this way the skull base slowly got into shape here was also the smaller eye part which was a bit harder to glue and attach then after connecting both of the halves i also had to build the horns the steps here are pretty identical though so let’s fast forward a bit alright last but not least i only had to connect the horns to the base of the

Skull which turned out to be rather tricky luckily svetlana volunteered her supreme foam gluing skills to help me out and here was the finished base looks exactly like my 3d model right i love it when a plan works out and it even fit me perfectly just it wasn’t for me though so it turned out a bit too large for svetlana so i just made another one at 95 percent the size

Second time’s the charm and svetlana was happy and for now my job here is done bye and then it was my turn again once i got the base of the helmet the real fun could finally begin first i had to secure the shape of the foam with duct tape while benny made a great pattern the foam was still a bit too wobbly to make everything more durable

I decided to coat the inside with resin all material links are in the video description by the way i put on some silicone gloves and began mixing this two-part resin i got from cosplay shop be it’s similar to smooth cast 300 if you’re looking for an alternative the mixing ratio is one to one but doesn’t need to be super exact so this was easy peasy

Some stirring and i could simply put the resin into the helmet i obviously had to be careful here and didn’t use too much i just tried to spread the material as far as i could without spilling it all this was the first layer it actually cured within a few minutes which was really nice time for a second round

I applied the next layer exactly the same way in the end i coated the inside of the foam with four layers of resin as you can see this gave the helmet a lot of extra stability and the foam build now stayed in the right shape perfect next it was time for sculpting here i used my beloved foam clay to make it sticky i had to spread some water onto the surface first afterwards i

Began covering the whole helmet with clay it definitely helped a lot that the foam was now really solid thanks to the resin as you can see even though i worked still pretty rough this step took quite a while i always used water to smooth out the clay and added more and more material on top to sculpt out the shape of the skull i just really added foam sausage after

Foam sausage and slowly build up the shape while looking at my reference in addition i also use the clay to create some cute teeth sculpting them is really easy i only had to let them dry for a few days and then heated them up with my heat gun this way i could carefully shape them and make them more tf-like i actually really like to texture them

So i used my trusty dremel to send in some additional scratches then i squeezed the teeth into the soft clay so the transition looked really natural once done with the sculpting i used my heat gun to dry the foam clay a bit as you can see i finished the right side first and only then did the left side i’m not very good with symmetry and this just helps me a lot i’m also not really good at sculpting

But benny space helmet was an incredible help and obviously the corgi cuteness was also a huge support i then added the last teeth and did some final sculpting around them well now at least the face was done so far next i had to cover the horns in clay as well but they turned out to be too squishy so i had to cut in a huge hole mix some

Fresh resin and pour it all into the horn at once plus some tape to keep everything inside and then i just hoped it would spread properly within the foam ah see so much better finally i could cover the horns with clay as well this step took a while again but let’s speed this up a bit well and this was the final sculpt

Isn’t it already super cute as you can see the surface still looked quite bumpy and rough but we’ll fix the snow for this job i used simple 100 grit sanding paper first i did my best to smooth out the clay with my hands but also use this handy tool here okay the next part was actually to carve in the texture with my dremel i was super nervous here and really scared to mess it all up the

Foam clay creates actually a lot of dust so never forget your respiratory mask while sanding as you can see i use different sanding tips for different effects these are no special carving tools just ordinary sanding grinding engraving and polishing attachment i just had to be a bit creative here my reference from monster underworld wasn’t super helpful at this point so i tried my best to

Improvise and let it look bone-like enough i mostly dremeled in lines and little spots and holes really i had no idea what i was doing here but after a few hours of texturing work i would say the result was fine to be honest with you i was so happy that i didn’t mess up this part and it wasn’t necessary to start all over again

Ah this was a really intimidating step next it was time to seal all the foam with my favorite brush on primer flexbot i applied three really thick layers so the dremel in texture was moved out a little bit again see all these holes were completely filled this way they would look more like little craters instead of massive holes on the surface the final layer of flexbond was then

Dabbed on i wanted to create a slightly rough texture and this was an easy and quick solution oh and by the way i totally forgot these side flappies so i cut out some foam covered all pieces with clay dremeled them a bit primed them and here was the result how do you like the helmet so far now finally let’s move on to the

Painting i grabbed valeo bone white as my base color and covered the whole helmet using our airbrush as you can see i had to apply a few layers salta meanwhile made sure i wouldn’t mess it up next also the side flappies good now it was benny’s turn again for the rest of the paint job

He first worked with a darker brown to apply some shadows super carefully my hands are far too shaky for this part and he did a really great job to highlight all the shapes to finish the flappies as well i hot glued them first into one piece benny said this way it was easier for him to paint them well and this was the result so far

His airbrush application already made such a huge difference don’t you think but we are not done yet for the next step benny sealed the paint job with a well covering layer of spray varnish this was basically the preparation for the next step oil washing here he grabbed some brown and black oil paint thinned them out a bit and applied it all over the skull afterwards

He wiped off most of the paint away again that’s why you call it washing as you can see the remaining paint only stuck within the textured areas and gave the surface a far more realistic look benny was using oil paints here since they take longer to dry and allowed him therefore more time for his work acrylics do the

Job as well but you simply have to be a lot faster and as you might have guessed the spray varnish protected the airbrush colors underneath next to the horns the oil paints did a really amazing job to highlight the carved in details i loved it the difference is pretty convincing right next benny added a few more reddish spots

Here and there just as a final touch then a last layer of matte spray varnish so all the pretty colors were well protected i only had to hot glue on the side flappies and well then the paint job was done ah this turned out so cute crazy if you compare how it looked like before right the fit was also really good what do you think

So now that the skull was done it was time for the massive amount of hair and feathers on the back before i continued though a short word from our lovely video sponsor recording good youtube content takes a lot of practice what can really set your videos apart however is good lighting if you need some tricks to get started check out the essential lighting skills

And techniques for video and content creators course from in process on skillshare here they show you a lot of cool tricks on how to work with natural light set up a classic three-point light or even use colors to make your videos really pop other than that skillshare is a huge online learning community full of inspiring classes for creative people like you and me

It offers countless hours of educational content on illustration design photography video editing productivity lifestyle and so much more the first 1 000 people to use the code in my video description will get a free trial of skillshare premium membership so hurry up and check out all these helpful classes thanks again to skillshare for

Sponsoring this video now let’s continue okay now it was my turn again prepare for the hair oh no not just the hair but so first i chose to sacrifice this old wig to the gods of cosplay after cutting this poor thing apart i pinned it onto a styrofoam head yes this would be the base for the hair next step i glued the top a little bit into shape

And smoothed out the hair a bit and now the fan could finally begin as you can see i ordered a lot of extra braid extensions they had already a lot of volume and should be perfect to create the extra fluff i didn’t really know what i was doing here like always but i simply began knitting all these pieces

Into the wig actually my inspiration for this part was narga’s absolutely amazing wig tutorial for her korean armor please go check her out her work is absolutely mind-blowing i added so many additional strands that the wig became pretty massive quite fast here and there i also shortened it a bit though to fill it up even more i also melted the tip of more extra hair

And hot glued it into the wig and as you can guess all of that added quite some weight then i closed the gap at the top and yes added even more hair this slowly went out of control and then finally i began styling this craziness no idea how i would wear this on my head but just like most cosplayers say let’s just figure this out later and now look at midna just sleeping and not

Knowing anything about this heavy hairy nightmare now believe it or not but i just hoped velcro tape would work for the attachment yes only velcro let’s hope for the best right i’m actually a very optimistic person when it comes to crafting in germany we have a saying that goes ah bastion i just had to make sure the edges were well covered with hot glue as well

Before trying out the attachment though i have to tell you about the magic i discovered during this project self-adhesive balance weights i had no idea these things existed but they were absolutely perfect to fix the balancing issue as you can see i began gluing them to the front of the jar

To create a counterbalance for the hair i wasn’t sure how much i would need but i just hope this would be enough spoiler alert it wasn’t enough not even close then i also added some foam padding to keep the helmet in place i actually used simple contact cement as an adhesive here for the fluff at the front i prepared some extra hair and simply

Hot glued it underneath the padding let’s just keep this quick and easy hot glue is a cosplayer’s best friend after all then i began shortening this hair as well and was suddenly attacked by three corgis we actually only have zelda and midna who are both really cuddly but this week we also took care of booker who

Is their best buddy okay now back to work and some final hairspray here and there then for the fluffy extras i got a few pretty feathers i attached a cord onto one and added beads from some old costumes ah love them next i only had to tie those accessories into the wig now in the reference the hair is covered with a lot of feathers at the

Top so i placed some of these pretty ones here and benny airbrushed me a few leftover white goose feathers he is really a magician with his airbrush i just had to cut them into shape a bit hot glue them on add more feathers add more feathers add more feathers and i think this was good enough

Okay now we are almost done i promise i just had to add a velcro belt for the back of the helmet and since you’re surely curious this is how the inside looks now i added a lot of additional balance weights then i spread some contact cement and hid them underneath some black fabric benny said they were still visible before and

Actually looked like bracers bracers for massive demon skull cute well and finally this is how the finished bone armor helmet looked like i didn’t originally plan to do a video just for this single costume piece but as you noticed it was quite crafting intense i’m really really really happy how it turned out and since you will surely ask

The helmet weights now 2.4 kilogram it’s really okay though since it’s well balanced and has a lot of padding and i think i look absolutely badass with it so it’s totally worth it i just don’t see anything well and i usually wonder how i actually see you with this thing and the answer is i don’t because you know as long as you look

Absolutely bad as seeing anything is completely overrated this is true cosplay and yeah still this is better so i think i will keep on doing this video like that because i see then something where’s my glasses where are my glasses i need glasses i’m a smart monster hunter yeah i wanted to say a huge thank you uh to uh

Laura from lightning cosplay especially because of her monster hunter bone armor helmet video so she actually made one as well but in her take she used a clay and like molding and casting and made the whole helmet completely from scratch which is really amazing it was a very different technique but also very interesting to watch and it was a huge inspiration for my very own

Bone armor helmet so check out her video and also thanks a lot for benny’s pattern making skills to make the base for the helmet and as i mentioned check out the pattern in our shop so you can make your very own bone armor helmet and be also completely badass and be completely blind but yeah check it out and if you have any questions you know just leave me a comment down below if

You have any feedback and if you don’t have any questions or feedback or anything just write down corgi and join the corgi squad so you support us with the algorithm on youtube and if you want to know what kind of tools and materials we used also check out the video description because there we actually link all the things we used for

This project and yeah other than that yeah in the next uh hopefully i don’t know if it’s in the next but in the upcoming video i will obviously also do the rest of the armor so you know you you can subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any new video so also hit the notification bell like and subscribe as i mentioned also thanks a lot for patreons because you made like these

Things possible and we are very thankful for your support and other than it yeah see you very soon in the next video bye-bye and finally thanks a lot to all our super sponsors on patreon and these are emma jessica burton lisa luisa paris uh lurika cosplay maloobs and nico razzo one six four thanks a lot for your support and thanks so much to all other

To to all our other patreons as well thank you

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The Bone Armor from Monster Hunter is one of my favorite sets and was on my cosplay wish list for a long time! I finally began making the costume and in this video you’ll see how I made the helmet! I absolutely love the design and it was incredible fun to build! Hope you enjoy the video!

– Svetlana

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