Cinema Makeup School’s Next Level of Cosplay – Noelle Hetzel

  • By: NickG
  • Date: June 30, 2022
  • Time to read: 1 min.

This is my entry for this years Cinema Makeup School Next Level of Cosplay Scholarship competition. This year I logged my progress as I went! if you would like to see that, there are nine entries, all labeled “Diary log (#) Pans Labyrinth 2018.

I hope to have an extended edition and a bloopers reel as well. There is a teaser trailer out already out and a cinematic trailer soon to come!

Special thanks to my team who made this all possible!
Photographer: Michael Hoeppner
Videographer/Director: Ryan Liddell
Lead actress/model: Amberlee Lucas
supporting actress (teaser) Jessica Brunet (Mercedes) and Sienna Hartley (Ophelia)

sound: Ryan Liddell
vocals (teaser) by myself
voice of the faun (teaser) Ryan Liddell
set assistant: Chris Peterson

supporting actress (cinematic trailer) Mya Rae

special thanks to my project sponsors:
Caleb Dean Jordan
Mathew”stitch” Stueggton
Erin Kielisch
Jeanne Koss

and my Patreon Sponsor:
Paul Bazzetta

Special thanks to all my friends, family, fans and supporters for this year. I hope you’re all gearing up to vote, because I’m getting ready to blast y’all on social media!

Most importantly thanks to Cinema Makeup School for presenting this opportunity and a little shout out to Rod Maxwell, who made me fall even more in love with the school while I attended my one week course. I’m more determined than ever to chase this dream.

much much much love


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