Cosplay Foam Armor Tutorial

  • By: NickG
  • Date: October 20, 2021
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Hey guys this is mallanna from comic cosplay and today I’m going to show you everything you need to know to create your very first MEA foam armor in a past I showed you already big projects like my nerdy guante or mites in ogre amore and today I want to go completely from the beginning and show you everything about glue primer the right material painting and like just everything you need to know to get started.

The very first thing you have to pick as a character you want to bring to life I personally I’m a lot into video games and every time I see something really cool on the internet I save it in my reference folder so basically I have a never ending costume wish list and maybe I do one of these costumes one day so once you decided by a character you have to find references and this might be a little bit difficult in comics of movies where the character appears maybe. on only one panel or a minute or even a second.

Basically once you find the character you want to cosplay just take everything you find on the internet so you got enough of reference pictures to create every part of this costume luckily for video games it’s mostly quite easy so when I created my alloy for example I was able to rotate her completely in a game and see every angle of her to recreate the whole costume absolutely perfectly and like completely

Like every single detail of it and now that I found the right character and also got all the references it’s time to decide on the material you want to use for the costume already popular crafting materials actually Evi a foam this one is really affordable and very easy to work with however it might be a little bit difficult to find the right one since there’s so many around and you might be a little bit lost when it comes to ordering it so I made a list on my

Website with different crafting shops where you can get just a perfect material for your next project the most well-known evie a foam are probably these puzzlement as you can see they’re super rough on one side they’re tiny and like they come only in one fitness and sometimes they even toxic when you heat them up so don’t work with them they’re crap instead use these ones like as you can see they

Come in really huge sheets also in different thicknesses like a 10 millimeter 5 millimeter and 2 millimeter great for armor work and they’re really nice and squishy so they are very great for heat shaping of EBA foam armor you can also grab it and high density VA form these are the great foam sheets which I often use for prop making and they’re even like these really massive sheets which are a little bit bigger and I think they are really great for prop

Making as well the new stems of Fargo but I’m really excited to try them out in addition some of these cosplay crafting shops I mentioned on my list also carry these really nice foam bubbles like pipes hull bubbles also like in like triangle shapes which are really nice for all my edges or prop making and all kind of stuff although you find even like balls which are really cool in addition there is foam clay like this

Stuff actually behaves like clay so you can score the like squishin and everything but once it’s dry it’s pretty much like a v8 bomb and yeah if you want to scope anything for a project that’s just the right material and I use plenty of that during my nerdy canted project so if you need something like that try it out it’s really amazing finally you also need some glue to stick your EBA foam pieces together I already made a very detailed video

About how to use contact mint or EB fo but long story short I’m using useless squeeze bottles apply it’s super paint on both parts of my EBA foam let it dry and then once it’s not tacky anymore I just press both parts together and you’re good to go and last but not least you also need a primer to make a material more durable and already for the paint job I already made a detailed priming video as well here check out the video you

Also find all the links for the videos in the video description below by the way and yeah I’m mostly using FlexPod which is a brush on primer or plastidip which is a spray-on primer but not for talking finely start crafting and for this I’m going to show you how to make a brazier I think a brazier is a great way to play around with a new material never worked before and all the techniques you learned here you can apply to the rest of the costume

So if you can make this brazier you can make your whole costume so let’s start to create your patterns you need some simple plastic wrap Earl of duct tape and the black marker you also want to require many tools just a pair of scissors a box cutter a heat gun and a hot glue gun now start by covering your arm and plastic wrap and then place plenty of duct tape stripes on top once you cover your arm completely place a middle line and two circles one at your

Wrist and the other at your elbow then you can cut yourself free after a get rid of the excess tape your pattern is ready next trace it onto five millimeter EBA form make sure to draw it a little bit wider so your bracelet doesn’t turn out too tight later now use your box cutter to cut the shape up to keep the blade nice and sharp a grinding stone is a great help however you can also just use simple sanding paper a grid of 1,200 works perfectly

Fine next heat up your phone from both sides and roll it wrong you can either hold it like this or it secure it with some tape until it completely cooled down once cold it will stay in the shape to glue on the beveled edges apply a thin layer of contact cement to the bracer and also to the foam bevel you want to stick on after the glue is not sticky anymore simply press the bevel onto the edge cut off the end and secure brace them

With some additional tape if you want I use from a box cutter to make the tips of some of my bevels pointy and then edit them as additional details this made my brace outlook a lot more interesting so far so good once you are done you have to cover the material with the primer as you can see I brushed on three layers of flex point here afterwards I use simple acrylic colors to give it a poppin blue and silver paint job to protect the paint and give

My armoire a pretty shine I also covered it of satin acrylic spray varnish and last but not least I grab a separating zipper covered it with hot glue and attached it to the bracer this way I’m able to open and close it super easy well and that’s pretty much all you need to know super simple right so this was a fun easy and fun right if you actually want to see more and learn more you can also check out my erase I got a video where I apply all the techniques you

Just saw in a full costume in addition I put all the infos in my ammo making mini guide you can download it completely for free from my website and if you have any trouble with pattern-making I also make pattern collections for you so basically you can just download print them out and then create like stuff like breast plate or shoulders mass horns and stuff like that so just trace them on evie a foam craft something cool and happen but I really hope this was confusing video was

Helpful and informative and inspiring hopefully and if you have any feedback or any wishes for more tutorials and also pattern collections just leave me a comment below and yeah thank you very much for watching don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bar and also you can support us on patreon so thanks a lot already and yeah see you soon

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