Cosplay Wig Cutting | My Methods

  • By: NickG
  • Date: November 16, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

** I’m a goob who never ever learned to use them appropriately, however I’ve obtained lots of terrific discuss how to really utilize them efficiently! (among which I’ve pinned!) so please check those out!

Hey everybody! I’m below with a small tutorial to show you people the techniques I utilize to reduce wigs, as well as a pair approaches I don’t make use of, however could assist you in your own wig jobs!

If you saw my update video, then you’ll understand I’ve been pounded with wig compensations the last pair weeks, and so this is the very best I can do as much as submitting a video clip this week.

I’m believing I’ll have more time this coming week to perhaps take a day and also movie something a bit a lot more entertaining than a tutorial, so hopefully we’ll damage up this current pattern haha. Tutorials just occur to be the most convenient thing for me to movie since it doesn’t require me to enter costume as well as run around the house like a maniac for 4-5 hrs and then hope I like the footage sufficient to really modify as well as upload it xD So I wish you men understand!!

Anyways, I wish you discover this practical! Let me know if there are any type of various other sort of tutorials you ‘d such as to see and also I’ll do my best to demo them for you people (given I have the products handy haha)

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