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Choosing a Cosplay Wig

Choosing a Cosplay wig might not seem an easy task. Professionals make it look as if you would have to buy them custom-made, something that could intimidate someone that wants to do it at least once or start their path to become an expert. Now, how do you do it? We’ve compiled a few tips that highlight what needs to be taking into consideration while choosing a wig that fits your vision.

Before we start with the list, you need to determine whether you will need to wear one or not. If you have no issue with dying or cutting your hair so it fits the character, you probably won’t need to buy one. However, buying a wig gives you more room to experiment because you won’t need to wait for it to grow again to achieve a certain look. All you need to do is glue and sew additions. With that being said, let’s dive into it, shall we?

Cosplay Wig Color

To achieve your desired look, picking the color that adjusts the best to the character you want to cosplay as. One great way to do so is to start with the character’s hue or basic color on a color wheel. Tone, brightness and saturation levels come next. Another thing to keep in mind is knowing which hues suit your skin the most. Also, you need to make sure of activating the natural display setting on your device so you have an idea of how it will look in person.


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Wig Customization

Customization: This goes hand in hand with coloration since you will need to be open to use highlights or modify the color scheme if needed. It is important to determine whether a prefabricated wig needs to be reworked to fit the character. A good way to make sure that you’ve bought the wig that suits your needs the most is to consult a specialist store operator, who will be able to guide you.


Professional cosplayers tend to plan photoshoots to promote their work in social media. If you’re considering to jump in the bandwagon, you’ll need to keep in mind how the light will affect the final result, since the wig’s fibers can alter its appearance. Unlike direct or harsh lighting, soft lighting allows a cleaner finish, so keep that in mind when you’re planning to immortalize your look.

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Cosplay Wig Size

Knowing your measurements is important before buying a wig. One way to do so is by measuring the circumference that touches the hair and behind the ears. Some wig brands are adjustable and can fit in a wide variety of sizes. Good wigs often have a small, discreet strap for adjusting around your head, something common in the Japanese market.

Cosplay Wig Quality​

Wigs being described as silky with monofilament or Japanese fiber are usually indicate their good quality. They’re quite pricy but it will be worth it once you determine whether your cosplay needs it or not. Inexpensive wigs might be convenient price-wise, but they can be quite fragile and not as customizable as those with a higher value.


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Cosplay Wig Cost

Of course, nothing in life comes for free and that applies to cosplay wigs as well. You will need to look for those who look the best and are merciful on your wallet. Accuracy and effort are other factors to take consideration since the wig not only needs to be loyal to the character but also strong enough to withstand the test of time.

Wig Style and Length

In the same manner as clothing, wigs come in different styles and shapes. Some of them have a basic design that doesn’t need too many alterations, which makes things easier for characters whose hairstyle is not that elaborated. There are many types to choose from, such as lace front, specialty and standard wigs. If you plan to style the wig yourself, a long wig will have you enough material to work with.


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Photo by meijii from Pexels

Wig Heat Resistance and Material

If you’re cosplaying a character with straight hair or other features that require blow-drying, curling and straightening, you will need to buy a heat-resistant wig that can tolerate 150-180 celsius, which is around 300-350 Fahrenheit. On the other hand, wigs can be made of real human hair, synthetic fiber or a combination of the two. The most popular ones are manufactured by Kaneka, which offer synthetic material that can look natural in any lighting, so choose wisely.

Wig Manufacturer

Now that we’re at it, another thing to consider which of them will be the best option to buy from. Since cosplaying is crucial to both otakus and wig companies, Japanese wigs offer a smooth, matte look that makes them look natural, unlike the glossy hair fibers from store-bought costumes. 


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Wig Portrayal and Limitations

It might be too obvious at this point, but one key aspect in choosing a wig is making sure that you know which of the different appearances you want to achieve. Another thing is the limitations that wig choices entail. For example, very long wigs that run below the waist tend to be expensive and high-maintenance, so you’ll need to ponder this if you chose to cosplay as a character like Sailor Moon. 

Wig Maintenance

All wigs require special care, therefore, using wig conditioner, silicone spray and a wide-toothed comb are the essentials to keep its shape during conventions. Working out the tangles every hour, beginning at the base and slowly climbing up prevents your hairpiece from snarling. It is advisable to use a metal pinned hairbrush to comb your wig since a plastic toothed hairbrushes can cause damage to the fabric.

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Choosing the Perfect Wig

Choosing the perfect wig is as important as making sure your outfit is loyal to how the character is represented. After all, no look is complete without a hairstyle that goes with it and characters are no exception to this rule, since their particular hairdo is what makes them iconic. It might not seem like it in plain sight, but the incorrect style goes against what you aim to achieve.

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