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  • Date: September 19, 2021
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A cosplayers worse nightmare …
This is not a tutorial


When you about to film a video but your pizza shows up so I priority hey fam what’s up welcome back to my channel two weeks ago I made a video called budget cosplays or something along those lines and in the video I mentioned that wigs you should always buy them in my opinion somewhere else rather than you know a cheap place but I was thinking to myself I haven’t really tried since my very very very first cosplay to style one of

These wigs so I decided in the spirit of Halloween because either this video is going to be good doubtful or bad probably going to happen at least I’ll tie in to the horror of this month about this one first it’s your typical basic black wig this is the cheapest one I got for four dollars when I saw it I was kind of thinking Vidia from Tinker Bell and then the second week I bought is a little bit more expensive but when I saw it I knew

I had to buy it because it’s the ugliest color I have ever seen if you look at it here in the picture it doesn’t look that bad this wig is six dollars but uh I don’t know if my camera’s gonna be able to capture this color but it is very bad in general but I think I’m gonna try like to style this one kind of as momiji from fruit basket so this is the cheaper wig or may I remind you it already feels disgusting oh yeah that’s that’s that’s definitely a cheap wig I don’t know if

You can see how shiny it is it’s very obviously shiny at least I got it in the hairnet thing oh you know okay okay oh it’s so bad my biggest complaint with these kind of wigs is they never look anything like this and like the fact that this one isn’t yellow just makes this yellow but yeah so do you then our view on these two horrendous wigs the next thing I’m going to do it style them hello and welcome to my shower you’re gonna have to deal with the echo

Because there’s nothing I can do about it we’re in a bathroom the supplies we’re working with today are a little bit different than your typical wee supplies I’ve got a hot glue gun my emergency backup plan if that or hair gel doesn’t work is rubber cement I do not suggest using this I’m just curious the main thing that I think we’re gonna be working with is a hairdryer in case we get to the point where we’re gonna try hairspray and hair gel this is the

Hair gel I actually use for my hair and this is the hairspray I use in my hair and lastly some super basic cheap scissors this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen while they’re cutting really easy [Music] [Music] the problem is there’s not enough layers and the not enough hair it’s super thin it’s really hard to style Oh important note do not try any business

At home this is not a tutorial this is an this is just an experimental party but I’m just saying don’t try this at home just in case you know I’m not responsible for what you do in your free time just as you are not responsible for whatever I’m about to do with my free time you definitely smell the melting plastic so like I said earlier do not recommend because it’s gross and also I don’t know if it’s toxic so I’m gonna stop I was hoping I get a little bit

Farther but I’m not risking my health so not for this video so yep nope [Music] I’m going to use a hold but it Elmer’s rubber cement because this is a poor idea but I’m thinking it might work a little bit better to hold some of these spikes again don’t try this at home kids [Music] I think this is as good as this will ever get its rather bad I hate it and I’m really excited to put it on because

I can’t wait to feel how uncomfortable scratchy it is and I’m sure it’s gonna look like a mess so the best part about this week is I don’t really need to cut it which is fantastic because I don’t know if I can go through that again one thing I’ve seen before is this really cool method of doing the ponytail I don’t think it’ll work on this wig because it’s tragic but I’m gonna try something similar and see what happens this mean this comes in

[Music] maybe that works [Music] I tried this is this is me actually trying I don’t nothing’s working it’s just it’s just this is the way that it is I’ve changed the part somehow you can see the netting very clearly but I guess I can say I accomplished something as you can tell the part didn’t work out all in all this was a mistake I think I just kind

Of look like a sea vampire or dad from dream daddy it’s any character my review on this week if you want a regular boring straight black wig for a quick costume it’s okay my cosplay wig and you need a style it your you can’t there’s nothing it’s nothing you can do okay maybe that’s a white maybe there is something that I missed that you could do I’d not really should help people deal with these it’s shedding all over them everything and I

Hate so there’s all issues here this wig is the most uncomfortable underwear out of the tulle this is okay if you want to see more phantom and cosplay stuff in the future you can go ahead and subscribe it is one of the things that I enjoy talking about a lot if you like this video please give it a thumbs up just so that I know cuz I have some ideas that are similar but I’m not sure if I’m gonna do them yet comment down below your wig horror

Stories has something ever happened with your wigs or a friend’s wig that was just like so awful and you got to share it just comment down below it’s gonna be great I’m super excited to read those also next week is my yearly Halloween video and I’m super excited this year they’re real-life horror stories and I’ve done them for the past two years if you want to see those they should be on the screen now so if you want to see that and more go ahead and subscribe

Once again I’ll see you guys in the next video bye

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