Crafting a Foam Sword Part 8 (More Worbla) – Craft Dad

  • By: NickG
  • Date: October 18, 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

DIY Foam Sword Part 8. We started adding worbla to my foam sword. Choosing not to cover the whole sword in worbla looks nice so far. Throughout this whole process I constantly check my LEDs, make sure you don’t use a power source that is to strong or you will burn out your LEDs. Working with worbla is easy, I used smaller pieces of worbla to cover the hilt of my sword. I recommend buying the worbla direct from the manufacturer, they have many sizes and provide free shipping on most orders or all orders. Also you get a discount when you purchase multiple sheets from them and for me and my friend the worbla arrived within days.

Materials Used:
Neoprene EVA foam mats and Foam Roll
Dremel 4000 with Flex hose attachment
Hot glue guns (Large and Small glue sticks)
Craft knife

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