Crafting a Foam Sword Part 8 (More Worbla) – Craft Dad

DIY Foam Sword Part 8. We started adding worbla to my foam sword. Choosing not to cover the whole sword in worbla looks nice so far. Throughout this whole process I constantly check my LEDs, make sure you don’t use a power source that is to strong or you will burn out your LEDs. Working with worbla is easy, I used smaller pieces of worbla to cover the hilt of my sword. I recommend buying the worbla direct from the manufacturer, they have many sizes and provide free shipping on most orders or all orders. Also you get a discount when you purchase multiple sheets from them and for me and my friend the worbla arrived within days.

Materials Used:
Neoprene EVA foam mats and Foam Roll
Dremel 4000 with Flex hose attachment
Hot glue guns (Large and Small glue sticks)
Craft knife

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