Harley Quinn cosplay Aliexpress review!! – [Birds of prey] ft.Celeste Orchid

  • By: NickG
  • Date: August 11, 2022
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Hi everyone! I few weeks ago I decided to order this cosplay in addition to the one I did in collaboration with Celeste (the confetti jacket). So I felt like for this review it was very appropriate to drag her into this as well and get her honest opinion on this product along with mine!
We have not been sponsored in any way to make this review. it’s made purely based on interest.

Link to product:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32704894262.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dlDTuGI

Celestes channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MyCelesteOrchid
Special thanks to Celeste for helping me out with yet another video,it is highly apreeciated!

Photos in the video by Mai.Captures (confetti jacket)
and Nikonpeter (white shirt)

Music by bensounds

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