How to make foam swords cosplay

  • By: NickG
  • Date: September 19, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Make Cosplay foam swords with these items

  • EBA Foam
  • 200 Grit Sandpaper
  • Box cutter
  • Dremel
  • Airbrush Set
  • Masking Tape
  • Flexbond
  • Contact glue

I had to smooth out the edge and make the shape a little bit rounder. I’m done with the base for the details.




Taki Sword
Taki Sword

I used my blueprint to trace some finer elements. By cutting the drawing into smaller parts I was able to stay pretty close to the reference. Wonder what’s the black stuff? That’s actually foam clay, pretty amazing for easy sculpting work like this. Just keep it wet and you’re able to turn it into anything you want.

Well and so far for scabbard number two done as well. These were all the finished Foam parts, as you can see the blade fits perfectly.

Next up was priming and painting, first though it was Benny’s turn to smooth out all the little foam imperfections for this used a product called quickseal. He added some onto his finger and spread it over my glue seams, then he’s smoothed it out with water and once dry gave it another pass. afterwards he brushed on three thick layers of Flex bond to prime the foam. Doing this by hand took some time but the result was very nice and super shiny. All that was missing now was a convincing metal paint job for this he grabbed his airbrush and covered the blade in a glossy black first, then to create a shiny and reflective plate he applied a coloUr called all-clad chrome.

Benny actually made a full video about his paint which you can watch by clicking on the little info icon after this.

He stuck on some masking tape that he cut in a wavy shape and spread over it with a darker silver colour. The result looked just like a freshly sharpened sword, pretty cool right? Since it was a little bit too reflective for him though he finally added another layer of Alclad aluminium on top of everything, and yeah, that made it look much more real.

Last but not least, a layer of protective spray varnish. The rest of the grip was done with some simple hand painting so far so good for the pointy things, now to the scabbard.

Here Benny also applied a base layer of black first and then added some more colour with a brush and acrylics then he added some red highlights with his airbrush. The golden parts were just roughly dabbed on with a sock so don’t throw away your old socks they’re useful. He used simple acrylic colours here by the way. The finished paint job was done also sealed with satin spray varnish almost done now only a few final details very missing.

First Benny had to add some traditional bindings around the grips. This step took quite a bit of time and even more YouTube tutorials to figure out, but the result looked really great. Then Benny drew on the signs for his weird magic paper seal and then filled them carefully with black paint. Once done he attached it with superglue, he also used superglue for the golden rope at the very end. Well and this is how we made Taki swords, pretty easy right?

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