How to Make Link’s Master Sword Replica Legend of Zelda

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  • Date: September 19, 2021
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Let’s look at this awesome tutorial from kamui cosplay on how to make the Link’s Master Sword Replica.

Hello guys this is Ilana from comic cosplay and 2019 is almost over so I thought I’m doing one very last video for this year and today I’m going to show you how to build the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda. In one of my previous videos I already showed you how to build xi and if you have shared your also obviously need a sort because attack is the best defence.

I made this project especially for you so I kept everything very simple and beginner-friendly and used only very basic tools and materials so if you have some time during the holidays and want to craft something really really cool this is just the perfect project for you and if you are not into crafting during the holidays that’s totally fine as well you can also just relax enjoy the Christmas season drink some hot tea maybe read a book and well maybe even read a book about making the sword and the shield and whatever uncommon cosplay calm buy my books and now let’s start the video.

It’s always been II made me a blueprint for the sword in Adobe Illustrator first you’ll find a link to the digital download in the video description below next he printed it out over several pages and I taped them together after I cut out the rough shape of my scissors I got this perfect template to work for this is also the part where I usually check if the sword actually fits my own size as you can see I cut some extra smaller parts out of the pattern these were then traced onto 5 mm and 10 mm high-density EVF Oh same goes for the whole blade for props like these I prefer to use high-density foam since it’s a lot more sturdy and much easier to send anyway here I had to trace plenty of elements several times.

My main tool for this was my freshly sharpened box cutter as well as this handy circle cutter. Here I needed several layers as well and this is how all the rough elements looked like once I was done cutting as you can see I used this PVC pipe for the grip. First I had to finish the blade though for this part I worked with two 10 mm layers of foam I cut in a little reshaped gap into the middle on both sides and fill t-swift contact cement then I placed a metal rod in the middle and connected both layers with more glue.

Next I used my pattern again to mark the sharp edge of the blade to save some time I carved most of the material away with my box cutter first and then used my Dremel to smooth out the edges. Finally I worked over it by hand with sanding paper to get rid of any leftover bumps to attach the grip I had to use this round foam dowel I covered one half of glue attached it to the exposed metal rod and added the counterpart on top.

Afterwards I carefully slipped the PVC pipe over the foam next I sanded this middle part of the grip once done I cut some material out and attach this piece to the sword as well next these side wings again I used my patterns to make some markings glued all layers together carve the shape roughly with my box cutter and finished all pieces with my Dremel as you can see I glued together two parts here since I thought it would be easier than making one massive piece the result however didn’t really turn out as smooth as I hope so here is the second try but this time all in one piece doing this was clearly more tricky and sending everything took forever but the second attempt looked so much better.


Making Link's Master Sword

So finally I was able to spread some contact cement and attach the peri part now I only had to cut Zant and glue together a few more missing details this run piece here would come to the end of the group following this only a few more smaller parts were left to do like this emblem here and a little Jam on the top as well as the weaving around the grip for this I just cut out a long thin strip out of two mm foam secured each spot with some super cool and kept wrapping it around my grip until I was done last but not least my blade was only missing its legendary Triforce symbol and flip this done the phone belt of my master saw it was complete I was really really really happy with the result. 

Now if I would have to build it again I would probably use a more sturdy metal or carbon fiber rock for the core it’s maybe a little bit hard to see but the sword definitely has some wobble to it next I heat seal the surface of the phone with my heat gun and penny primed that with Flex pot he applied three thick layers in total as you can see it’s not 100% smooth or without brush strokes but I wanted to use only very basic tools and materials for this tutorial so all of you at home can do this as well. 

So instead of using his airbrush like Benny usually does I asked him to only paint the sword with simple brushes and acrylics he wasn’t too happy about that but I think he still did a really awesome job here first he primed the blade for a great base colour and then mixed up a bunch of different shades blue for the group he actually used this figurine for reference next he added some lighter shades of purple blue to the wings to make them look more interesting and then use this paint for the silver blade the last steps were to paint some more details and gold add a few light blue lines to the wings and paint the grip wrappings in green and that was pretty much it finally a last layer of satin spray varnish and Benny was done with the painter

I’m really happy how the final sword turned out so this was video number 13 in 2019 Benny and I are super proud of that since we never made so many before and we really hope you enjoy it as much watching them as we enjoyed making them at this point thanks so much to all of you we’ll keep on watching our videos and also thanks so much for all your likes all your shares all your comments and a huge thank you goes to all of your patrons for supporting us for every single video without you it wouldn’t be possible to be that active on YouTube thank you very much guys for 2020 I first want to finish some older projects like Vegeta and also alloy and I also have some cool other projects mind and especially I also want to do more tutorials more talks and I don’t know like more weird stuff so if you’re missing something on this channel and something you really really would like to see let me know in the comments down below

As always thanks so much for watching I really hope you liked this video and maybe you want to craft something really cool now as well like and subscribe hit a notification below and yeah consider to support us on patreon and see you in the next video in 2020 bye bye.

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