How to take your Cosplay props apart

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  • Date: November 10, 2021
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Hello guys this is Vetlana from common cosplay and the prop maker or cosplayer yourself usually know the issue you build a really cool prop yourself and yeah it’s gigantic it’s awesome it’s huge but the only problem is it doesn’t really fit into a car or into your storage into a box or anything because it’s too huge so today i wanted to show you how to separate

These awesome props into nice transportation and storage friendly pieces and make some magic so the construction actually looks like that and i’m going to show you how to build it in the following minutes as always you will find links for all materials and tools you need in the video description down below and these are

Basically um yeah just two pvc pipes which you can stick together and in addition you also need some really strong magnets oh and did you notice my t-shirt you will find this and plenty of others for cosplayers and crafters in our new teespring t-shirt store and there’s a link in the video description down below but now let’s get started with the video as mentioned before you need two pvc pipes

I got mine from a local hardware store here in germany called ubi you need one larger and one smaller one in the best case they fit perfectly into each other if not though you can just wrap some foam around the smaller one and make it wider in addition you need strong neodym magnets i order mine from ebay and as you can see they come in plenty of different sizes

And shapes the ones i use are five millimeter wide and one millimeter high last but not least you also need a dremel with a drilling bit and some super glue once you have everything mark where you want to separate your prop on the larger pipe for my alloy spear i went with the middle since this part was hidden behind these round things

My monster under sword however was separated here i just always search for spots that i can hide well to cut my pieces apart i mostly go with a bandsaw however a normal handsaw does the job as well then stick a short piece of the smaller pipe into the larger one and apply some super glue slide it in carefully and let it dry

Next slide the larger pipe over the smaller one and secure both parts with tape now also place a mark for the magnets i mostly go with two of them now you need to drill a hole through both layers of the pipes using this pointy dremel tip for the job however something like that would surely work as well or just use a normal drilling machine the resulting hole should be around the

Same size as your magnets by the way as you can see i actually shortened the smaller pipe a bit the reason for that was that i actually have to place some tape to the inside next i fill up this area with some super glue and carefully place the magnet inside [Music] now let everything dry properly and cover it up with

More tape afterwards following this put the larger pipe back in place again and add some super glue place the magnet fill it up with more glue and let everything dry again afterwards pull both pieces apart and get rid of the tape well and that’s pretty much it as you can see the pipes now perfectly hold together and are also easy to separate if you

Rotate them a bit thanks so much for watching i really hope this video was helpful and especially that you are able now to transport and storage you are fired to huge props a little bit more easier but like let’s be honest uh props are never too huge right so i hope you can do now some prop making magic as well and yeah if you still need more

Tips and tricks regarding to build something awesome i also have a rock making book which you can check out on and you can find it physical but also digital as an instant download and yeah if you still have any questions as always just leave me a comment and yeah like and subscribe hit the notification bell and yeah see you very soon again thanks so much for watching you guys are

Awesome and yeah bye bye

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Massive props are awesome, however transporting and storing them can be challenging! So, in this video I’m going to show you how to separate your staffs, swords, axes and anything else you want to build in a fast and easy way! All you need are just PVC pipes and magnets!

– Svetlana

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