I built the Mandalorian STAR WARS Rifle out of EVA FOAM!

  • By: NickG
  • Date: November 14, 2021
  • Time to read: 18 min.

Hello guys this is Svetlana from Kamui

Cosplay and today I want to show you a cool little project

you can craft yourself at home, the Amban Sniper Rifle from

the Mandalorian show. 

I think this weapon is one of the  coolest props in the Star Wars universe and since my husband Benni already made the blueprint in one of his previous videos,

I thought it’s about time to finally make this thing myself! I used only super accessible and

affordable tools and materials like this thing here is actually mostly

made out of foam scraps and I used like a simple box cutter and like hot glue

and contact cement and so everything is basically

super cheap and simple so you can craft one yourself and well

just follow my instructions in this video because this is the way…

and you can find the download for the blueprint in the video description down


And for more tips, tutorials and crafting ideas just check out my cosplay crafting books on kamuicosplay.com! I have one for foam fantasy weapons, one that shows you how to work with an airbrush, one for guns and rifles for example and so many more! 

You can get them physical like these ones or also as direct downloads.

And now let’s start

with the video! before we start if you want to follow

along with this build make sure to watch the entire video all the way to the end

i will show all the mistakes and errors i made along the way

so make sure you don’t repeat them.

Anyway let’s start with the blueprint

if you watched benny’s blueprint tutorial you saw that he made the first

drawing of this rifle based on a 3d file he found on the internet i already

assumed that it would be not very screen accurate but anyway i wanted to start

crafting and just see how far i get before i

noticed the first mistake so he printed it out for me in original

size i taped all pages together and cut the whole thing out the side

view would be my main reference at least i thought.

So at this point by the way it’s 150 centimeter long so here is a size reference

for the core i decided to use a pvc pipe with a 23 millimeter

outer diameter i placed some marks for the stock

and heated up the plastic carefully with a heat gun

as you can see i only heated up one Small point

so i could bend it into shape here 

This way i made sure the pipe would actually

fit into the rifle butt i’m in stock for this project i mainly

used my leftover foam scraps i don’t like to throw stuff away and so

i could turn this pile of trash into a cool prop

now for the buttstock i cut out the shape of my blueprint

grabbed some 10 millimeter high density foam from cosplay shop be

all products are linked in the video description by the way and trace it onto

the material i cut it out super roughly with my box

cutter and also glued some more old scraps together to get a second layer

oh and then i also used some five millimeter foam as well

at the end i had to find a way to cover the whole pvc pipe

so i marked the outline of my heat shaped pipe onto my blueprint

and traced the sten onto my foam 

To connect all layers i used contact cement

which i put into a little squeeze bottle first this way the glue isn’t super

smelly and barely releases any fumes next i added a good

amount of hot glue and connected pipe and foam to each other

i also added more two millimeter foam here as well as you can see

then i covered everything with five millimeter foam on top

for the following step i carefully tried to carve the stock into shape but as you

can see i got some pretty nasty holes here not a problem though

i would cover them up later so next i sanded the whole thing nice and smooth

with my dremel and then heat sealed the surface to get

rid of the leftover foam lens i actually used a second print out of my

blueprint to constantly check the

Proportions of my rifle

now to the middle and most complicated part i kept on cutting the blueprint

into smaller sections and basically just tried to guess the basic shape i didn’t

really had a proper plan here and just hoped

everything would work out i made this part pretty much the same way as the

stock since i still had to build in the pipe somehow

so basically i just cut and glued a few pieces together and

kept some space for the pvc rod once i connected everything

i smoothed out the seams then i started searching for some proper reference

photos to get all the details right someone actually uploaded all these

amazing reference photos of a replica from

a comic-con i guess and they were just incredibly helpful

so if you hear this scott kaufman thank

You you

are awesome based on these photos though i noticed that the whole blueprint of

benny was wrong like so wrong

so wrong in fact that i forced him to completely redo the whole thing

i even kept on finding more mistakes while i was working on a project

it was really fun so if you want to craft along and already downloaded the

old blueprint from his previous video there is a completely new and updated

version in our shop now well but the old blueprint was so wrong

that even the base wouldn’t work anymore so i had to rip off the whole thing

clean up the pipe again and add a new base so wrong

next however i could finally prepare some additional layers and start with

the details as you can see working with a proper

blueprint is actually super important

I tried to stay as close as possible to

the new reference photos but the dimensions of my foam layers and the pvc

pipe inside limited me a bit in addition i kept on

using only very simple tools and materials so you can follow along from

home and craft your own mandalorian rifle so

doing everything with a simple dremel was a tiny bit tricky

and didn’t turned out as clean as i wished for the layers on top i used my

blueprint and basically made some wraps for the

main body i marked the areas where i needed to add some glue

and then carefully place this part onto the rifle

some other parts had to be dremeled before and were then

attached as well the whole rifle was basically just

a giant puzzle which i slowly had to

Piece together

i constantly kept on checking my photo references to get an idea of the

thickness of each element this front piece for example looked like

it was much wider than the main body so i used a 10 and 5 millimeter layer

and got pretty close to the original shape i

guess afterwards i could add more elements and

finally began with the smaller details sanding these tiny things was kinda hard

though well and while i tried to do everything

super clean and nice this front thing here looked more and

more like crap so i cut it off from the main body

ripped it off the pvc pipe and made two new walls with separated

elements on top now this looked much better

afterwards i smoothed out more seams

Covered them with more wraps

and did more raids in pokemon go now i sanded a few angles down and all

those details got smaller and smaller next i added this whatever it’s called

thing on top place the tiny little hexagon ring to the side

and added even more tiny little square thingies i believe this part here is

supposed to be a safety button so it would only come to one side right

anyway i cut it out of foam and glued it onto the body

then i went on to the rails next i cut out some five millimeter strips

and placed them piece by piece onto the top of the pipe a little bit of

super glue here and there a layer of two millimeter on top and

some more rail stripes onto the bottom i actually had no idea how the bottom

looked like but i found this image of a mando toy so i

thought this would be right next

I placed some rivets with super glue and

got my reference for the thick golden wires i cut them out of two millimeter

foam carefully rounded the edges with my

dremel and fixed them with super glue as well

i prefer this adhesive mostly for small details

foam dowels are actually great for a few elements as well

oh and then i noticed in the corner of one of my reference photos

that my barrel jacket was still wrong apparently the lower section was

actually thinner than the top so i ripped it off again and placed a

different five millimeter layer instead now for the trigger instead of one 10

millimeter piece i cut out two layers of five millimeter


This way i was just able to get the

shape more precise and only had to clean out the seams i

then glued it piece by piece onto the stock

and kept on setting my puzzle together please ignore these ugly holes in the

stock they will be hidden later promise

the trigger guard was simply wrapped around the grip and got some support

with contact cement done with this part as well

now let me finally fix this ugliness to even out the really huge gaps i used

foam clay from lumens workshop i applied some water so the material

would stick and spread the clay onto my gray foam a

little bit of water helps to dissolve the clay

and even it out even more in addition i worked with flexi filler which is a

little bit like dissolved foam clay

Gosh this was a crazy mess however

i was able to even out the bumps and close the holes

quite easily once dried the surface was still pretty uneven and had drops and

everything luckily foam clay and flexi filler can

easily be sanded and before you ask i used a

sanding sponge here much better now despite of

all the dremel work the seams of the individual layers were still

quite visible so i cut out a few pieces of one millimeter foam

added glue and covered up these areas next i just had to smooth out the edges

a bit looks much better finally i

only had to add a few very last details seriously this is actually my favorite

part seeing how everything comes together

slowly is really exciting

Now to all the itsy bitsy stuff around

the barrel first i placed some marks based on my

blueprints and shortened my pipe with a hand saw

i made a ring here slid it over then made a ring there

and secured everything with contact cement

now the next part had three rounded edges see like in this reference photo

from the set so i slid over some five millimeter foam

and added these two pieces onto the pvc rod next i carefully wrapped a five

millimeter sheet around and squeezed the seam together at the

bottom i applied some forest with a roll of

duct tape and i guess i got quite close to the original shape

then i covered up the open areas cut the excess material away

dremel the rest of it into shape and

Added some two millimeter edges

now the next part was a little bit tricky

this part of the pipe isn’t just round but actually has

eight even sets i looked it up it’s called an octagonal

prism so first i tried it with a five millimeter square with cut

out gaps wrapped around the pipe it created eight edges this way

i smoothed out the gluing seam but the result was

too thick since the round part and the octagonal rod

were actually supposed to be evenly thick

next i grabbed the cut out triangle foam gaps from before

and glued them onto a thinner 19 millimeter pipe

i covered everything in glue and carefully wrapped it with one millimeter


Looked much better last but not least i

super glued it onto the rest of the rifle

next came the weirdly shaped muscle i cut it out of my blueprint and noticed

again that it was all wrong so benny used some more photos

to correct the shape and i got a new template

for the base shape i used a three millimeter thick pvc board which is more

sturdy than foam a box cutter worked well enough to cut

it out but clearly needed a little bit more force than usual

once done this was a great base for the next steps

after separating my patterns and tracing them onto foam

i carefully glued the blades on all parts were then shaped with a dremel

and turned into a pretty cool muscle i cut off more pvc pipe and slid the


Into it to connect both of these parts

i used a bunch of hot glue and just added more foam rings on top

okay now let’s connect everything and add some more details here and there

the muscle also required these lines which i just cut in

and widened with my heat gun now to the next part the lower pipe i

use this thinner seven millimeter pvc rod as a base

and place two pieces of foam onto both ends

i filled one with hot glue and drilled a hole into the barrel jacket

as you can see i just placed the whole thing with some glue

now these attachments here were basically also just a long two

millimeter stripe of foam which i wrapped around the whole rifle

next pretty much only the sniper scope was missing

i used the pvc pipe with 19 millimeter

Of outer diameter

marked the areas for my foam and wrapped it around the pipe

i also got some filling for the inside and just a few more stripes of two

millimeter foam for the lines i carefully cut into the

material and heated them up to make them more visible

as you can see i constantly worked with the blueprint for reference

benny got feedback from me all the time and adjusted his drawings while i kept

on building the rifle for the attachment i used five

millimeter foam which i heated up and molded directly onto the pipe

now i had to dremel a curved angle into a 10 millimeter foam piece and carefully

connected it to the scope okay attaching this part

was a bit tricky and basically just trial and error i just

kept on cutting the attachment shorter

And shorter

until i figured out the final form well in contact cement was totally fine to

even hold this part into place yes quite happy how it turned

out so far well and this was the final foam build

of my mandalorian rifle it’s surely not perfect but i think i

did a good job provided it’s all eva phone in total this took me

three days to make but i think if i haven’t played so much world of warcraft

at the same time i could have it done in two but hey look

what i got so now it’s finally time for painting

first however i had to heat seal the foam to smooth out the material

and close the pores then benny used a water-based filler called quick seal to

fix all those gaps that were still visible

next he applied three layers of slag


onto the stock and the muscle these areas were still super rough from all

the sanding work and flexbond is able to smooth that out nicely

also this middle part seemed like it has a rough texture

in the photo reference so instead benny tapped on flexbond here to get this

effect once dried the result looked like this

i wanted to prime the rest of the rifle with plastic so

i cut open a trash bag and placed it on my balcony

then i heated up a can of gummy dip which is like the german version of

placidip in hot water and applied four thick layers of it onto

my rifle once done and dry my mandalorian rifle

was finally ready to be painted by my husband benny

start he grabbed some masking tape and a

Bunch of airbrush paints from valeo

while painting he constantly checked the reference photos on his phone to choose

the right colors first though he applied a layer of

airbrush primer this is just a basic coat for the

upcoming colors next he wanted to paint the parts that

needed to remain black leaving them plain black however would

look very boring so instead he took a dark silver mixed

it with a bit of airbrush thinner and lightly dusted

over all the dark areas then he put a bit of color on his

fingers and dropped them over the surface

this gives him just more control than a brush or a piece of cloth

the result looked like this afterwards he took some masking tape and

secured the areas he just finished

Next it was time for the main body

for this he applied a thicker layer of gunmetal silver but left some shadows in

the corners and even increased them with a dark grey

and then he used his fingers again to add highlights around the edges

and generally make them look dirtier this made it almost look like real metal

he applied the same techniques to paint the main body as well

adding imperfections and smudge like this definitely helps your piece to look

more real afterwards he used a fine brush

and some gold to paint the details on the side

for the tip he first wanted to make it brown like in the reference photos

since i looked at many different references however

i knew that the muscle was actually silver dough

no idea why the replica at the comic con

Has this brown muscle actually

so he applied a base color of silver first and then took a gold

a red and a blue paint if you apply them one after the other

you can create a really cool looking scorch effect finally he masked off some more areas

and then applied gold for the scope holders

brown to the middle piece and more brown to cover the entire buttstock

after removing all the masking tape the base paint was done

next i added a layer of satin spray varnish all over the prop

we actually did all of this outside since the rifle was too long to fit in

our spray booth after it was dry benny grabbed some

black and brown oil paint and began adding some weathering

this paint just takes far longer to dry

And gives you enough time to add shadows

and dirt around your edges benny also used an old sock to dab on a

bit of brown to the middle part adding a bit of oil color here and there

it definitely helps to make your prop look more real

next up was the stock this one was supposed to be out of wood

so benny had to paint on a grain here first he took a white brush some oil

paint and tried to apply a wooden grain it turned out like crap though so he

wiped all of it off again to try something else

for the second attempt he used his airbrush again and went over the stock

with horizontal moves he only applied a bit of darker brown

but after a while this actually began to look like wood

next he took a fine brush and applied a couple of more brown shades by hand

the result looked far better not perfect


good enough i think and with this the paint shop was finally done

as well altogether benny worked around two more days on the paint job

but i think it was worth it now we just had to fix the oil paint with another

coat of spray varnish and the mandalorian rifle was done this was a really fun little project

the result surely didn’t turned out perfect but i think we got

quite close to a clean 3d print plus we used mostly only cheap materials

and tools so you can craft your own rifle as well

now i really hope you liked this video and

at this point thanks so much especially to rob parser who made the

initial 3d file who inspired benny to make the blueprint and which

inspired me

To make that the final prop and also

thanks a lot to scott kaufman for his amazing reference photos from the comic

con and also a huge thank you goes to my

dogs salda and mitna who were incredibly cute

during the whole project and are still pretty pretty cute and if

you want to make the whole costume you can actually watch jessica

nigri’s newest video she made a mandalorian herself like completely

the whole thing and she showed in her video how she made

everything and yeah the final result is pretty awesome

as always you can find product links for all tools and materials we used

in the video description down below these are actually amazon affiliate

links and if you click on them you are directly supporting our work so

thank you very much for this

And if you still have any questions

regarding to my okay-ish amban sniper rifle from the

mandalorian or have any other crafting questions or have any feedback what we

can bake any wishes anything you want to see

or like if you just want to write down corgi in the comments because you have

no idea what to write do your thing and yeah you’re very welcome to do this

because this really supports our channel and you can also support us by going to

patreon or yeah also liking and subscribing also

hit the notification bell so you don’t miss our very next video

and yeah also don’t forget to buy my books and

see you in the very next video so bye bye see you very soon

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Here is a fun little project I made: The Amban sniper rifle from the Mandalorian show! I used here only very basic materials and tools like EVA foam, PVC pipes and worked with a box cutter, x-acto knife, contact cement, super glue and hot glue! Also I guess I spent a maximum of $50 on materials. Super cheap and simple, perfect to make your own rifle at home! In total I took me around three days to build (two days if I wouldn’t play so much WoW) and Benni two days to paint!
– Svetlana

Here is new new and updated blueprint: https://www.kamuicosplay.com/product/mandalorifle/

References photos by Scott Kaufmann: https://www.thedentedhelmet.com/forums/media/the-mandalorian-72-jpg.8917/
Rob Pauza for the 3D file: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-mandalorian-rifle-100455

Products used:
EVA Foam: https://amzn.to/3bYYZEV
Box Cutter: https://amzn.to/2ru1j1U
Contact Glue: https://amzn.to/3aBOML0
Squeeze-Bottles: https://amzn.to/2NKLfPC
Dremel: https://amzn.to/2L7pkDG
Dremel Snake: https://amzn.to/2IP1IyK
Hot Air Gun: https://amzn.to/2IP12tc
PlastiDip: https://amzn.to/3ckvDyC
Flexbond: https://amzn.to/3aoAME5
KwikSeal: https://amzn.to/38hKXJk
Foam Clay: https://amzn.to/2vJHJRu
PVC Pipes: https://amzn.to/2zXoLsf
Hot Glue Gun: https://amzn.to/2KHFun5

Dust Mask: https://amzn.to/2IpB0zF
Respirator: https://amzn.to/2PUNd2N
Safety Goggles: https://amzn.to/31FOxup

Airbrush Set US/CA: https://amzn.to/2H8qiMK
Airbrush Set EU: https://amzn.to/33BxevG
Water Filter: https://amzn.to/2xijYAv
Cleaning Station: https://amzn.to/3cEUVHR
Vallejo Model Air Paint: https://amzn.to/2KOT3iB
Vallejo Game Air Paint: https://amzn.to/2YOIypC
Airbrush Cleaner: https://amzn.to/2THqYhH
Masking Tape: https://amzn.to/2UH85uN
Thinner (to thin for airbrush): https://amzn.to/2VOwMJ2
Oil Paints: https://amzn.to/3azGJhD

*All Amazon links are affiliate links that we get paid for if you buy a product. You can support us by using these links. Thank you!*

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A list of worldwide cosplay shops: https://www.kamuicosplay.com/links

0:00 – Intro
1:17 – Blueprint
2:09 – Core & Stock
4:04 – Middle Part
9:06 – Trigger
11:05 – Barrel Stuff
12:49 – Muzzle
14:26 – Scope
15:58 – Painting
21:14 – Outro


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