Trying INFLATABLE Kids Costumes!!!

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  • Date: November 10, 2021
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Hey guys it’s ro welcome back to my channel this month October I am making a ton of fun Halloween content because I love Halloween it’s one of my favorite holidays the other week I made a trying on kids Halloween costumes video and from that you guys requested that I try on inflatable kids costumes so that is what I’m gonna be doing today my friends went out and they got six inflatable costumes and I’m gonna let you guys pick

Which one was your favorite and if you’re new to my channel I am an adult but I am very petite I’m very short I’m right under 5 foot so I’m kind of a kid size so some of these outfits actually fit me they fit pretty well and if you guys are liking these Halloween videos give this video a thumbs up click subscribe ring the bell to receive notifications every time I post a new video because I am making a bunch of Halloween videos I’m having fun all

Right now without further ado let’s try on the first inflatable kids costume is a giant inflatable sloth oh no it’s the sizes one size fits all for a child so oh we shall see let’s see woah they make a giraffe giraffe you heard it here first Baby Grease it is gonna dress up like a giraffe Stephanie Molly I might need your help here it says one first put on the pants oh that’s tight yeah oh that’s no I mean

Along the leg holes are how can you see out of here right here this is where your head supposed to go can you get me up yeah where’s the other arm there you go this is pretty great actually with these inflatable costumes the fans on the whole time so you’re here though here is costume number one I’m an inflatable slop bucket pocket oh my gosh y’all I got a pocket right here in here let’s put it to the dance test [Music]

It does hey don’t let me know the comments down below which costume is your favorite this is costume number one the sloth costume I don’t for hands okay now let’s try on the second costume Molly wait help me hot water the next inflatable Halloween costume is Patrick from SpongeBob ages 6 plus there’s no size on it but it just said a 6 plus and I am 6 plus so this is gonna fit perfect here we go whoo this one my head doesn’t poke out like the sloth I

Think I look through the mouth oh my gosh look at his little Cape it’s got a little ice-cream cone on the back Oh Amy’s got like really nice abs this is like Patrick who’s been working now Patrick oh wow this is Fitness Patrick oh oh my gosh I’m in oh there’s so much hair in my face there’s hair okay it’s a little too small Bradley Navarro’s oh my god I can’t breathe okay ready yeah I’m ready is it on yeah okay we got a tire cave

Help me get my fashion help me get my fashion yeah okay yes okay cute like I just wanna hug you oh my gosh would here is inflatable costume number two is there it’s a little bit too small so I only see half way I can see people’s knees and pleats and I can miss this one okay you see like the screens press on gives my husband I can only see kind of like here down okay this does it for inflatable costume number two now we’re

On to number three oh this is so cool the next costume is something that I wanted in real life this is an inflatable jetpack so it’s gonna look like give a jetpack on the side oh wait are these not your legs no oh I get it I get I get it so this is a kids one size fits all but I’m in the height range between four four and five three so I’m I’m in there I’m right in the middle so I think this is gonna work they’re pants they’re flame pants oh

This is so neat here oh wait I forgot to turn on Wow Pinker oh it’s on okay let’s let this thing in point oh yeah baby inflatable Halloween costume number three look I’m shooting up in his face you can come to blueberry this is awesome there’s so many things that I love about I love that the pants our flames it’s also got a pocket right here for your cell phone or like wallet or whatever boom also my head is free

And I have hands so if I’m at a Halloween party or whatever I can like talk to people and like see them I’m not stuck behind a screen and it looks so cool like I just feel just like Tony Stark [Music] this is costume number three so if it is your favorite to let me know in the comments down below [Music] Halloween inflatable costume like number

Four is I’m a little unicorn and by little I mean I would chubby unicorn it has this bit as a huge heads up holes but it’s so magical all over the place I will say this is the hardest one to dance in so far [Music] [Applause] unicorn costume is your favorite let me know in the comments down below so the next Halloween costume is a cute little that’s right it’s a little boot I also

Like that in different languages it’s caca inflatable which caca means poop so that makes sense alright I’m about to become a little turd but you know what she’s a happy turn so this is gonna be great oh my gosh yes we’re gonna be the cutest little poop in town and then you can say stuff like don’t be a party pooper this is another kid standard size one size fits all and everything height wise fits me but I kind of have

Thicker thighs and booties so let’s get a little tight on my legs my keys to my leg like time going up any higher there we go that’s all I need I became a little pooped today it’s for Mesa video on the box the kid is holding a roll of toilet paper so maybe it makes you look more like a poop does this look like a Halloween inflatable costume number five I’m a little inflatable poo I made me a little poo but I have not the party pooper this little poop loves to plug

Here [Music] I love to have a stinking good time this was a pretty good one that this one was your favorite vote number five down below and now we’re on to the last the final Angelina Bo Halloween costume and it looks awesome I don’t even know Molly are you gonna fit in this room okay let’s go Danny it’s a dinosaur it’s like a longneck it looks so cool I hope that this works cuz

This this looks amazing it says it’s a kid’s one-size-fits-all unisex so we have no clue we have no clue on the sizing we’ll just hope this will work oh it’s humongous this is great oh right yes yes I love people running around in those big t-rex inflatable costume so this is like a kid’s size one so I’m so excited this is gonna fit this is gonna fit me oh oh oh which leg oh there’s so many legs to

Choose from here okay here’s the head and the ears maybe the is the first nail dammit amen turn the fan on it’s gonna be a little bit because I think there’s a lot places to fill cuz right now that is a dinosaur cool oh this person is humongous it’s time there’s so much behind me they keep hitting everything what is this you are defense because look at this thing

You can just be like number six at the cute little dinosaur well I guess it’s not so little it’s actually pretty tall I would have liked to be on selfie Thomas mm maybe six and a half just kidding I’m pretty sure this animal isn’t over for [Music] all right that does it for all of the kids inflatable Halloween costumes that we have today a big thank you to you

Guys for suggesting this video I had so much fun trying all of these funny costumes on please let me know how that comes down below which costume was your favorite I think my two favorite were the sloth and the Rocket Man those are my two favorite they were the sloth was just so funny and then the Rocket Man was just it was cool also if you liked this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up click subscribe ring the bell to receive notifications every time I’m

Posting a new video because I’ve had so much fun with all of these Halloween videos I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know in the comments below which inflatable costume was your favorite today also let me know what are you dressing up as for Halloween thanks again for watching you guys bye bye if you’d like to watch any other videos you can click up here or up here [Music] how do I get out of here.

Would you wear any of these???
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I hope you enjoy today’s #Halloween #Costume video! It was a lot of fun giving these a #Try. Would you wear any of them? Which one was your favorite?
xoxo Ro

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