KDA Seraphine’s Long Hair! Long Ponytail Cosplay Wig Tutorial!

  • By: NickG
  • Date: May 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Examine out exactly how we styled the wig as well as colored for KDA Seraphine! This video clip was funded by Riot Gamings #ad #sponsored

Please blog post it to the hashtag #KDAMore so every person can see your job if you individuals make anything using this!:-RRB-.

This type of brought up wig is an intermediate wig styling method. For beginner wig designing and also a streamlined version of this ponytail tutorial w/o the pulled up area check out our various other ponytail tutorial here! https://youtu.be/KN3vw_kL0aw.

If you would love to find out even more regarding wig styling check out our cosplay wig styling publication – https://kinpatsucosplay.com/product/wig-styling-for-cosplay/.

– Base wig – Viktor in pure white from Arda wigs.
– Ponytail – Delilah in pure white from Arda wigs.
– Batting.
– Rit artificial Dye – Kentucky Sky as well as Royal Purple.
– Worbla polycarbonate.
-8 gauge aluminum cable.
-25 mm PVC pipe.
– Insulation foam board – 1 inch thick.
– got2B hairspray.
– hot adhesive.
– Createx airbrush paint.
-2 mm EVA foam.
– Yaya Han oil slick material (hairband ).


– The Viktor wig can be replaced with a Jeanie wig rather. The Jeanie is a braid wig without lace front.

– You can use any kind of wig to make a drawn back braid, however you will certainly need to stitch and alter the wig in added wefts around the edges to get the wig to go upwards and also conceal the mesh.

– You can also use Ponytail clips or a bag of wefts instead of cutting up a wig for the braid. Whatever fits your demands!

– If you don’t wish to make use of thermoplastic for the framework you can also make it from cord or any kind of other stiff material that will certainly keep its shape.

– If you are dying a wig make sure that you inspect if it is warmth resistant very first and what temperature it is rated for. Lower high quality wigs may not be able to withstand being steamed.

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