LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man vs. Thanos

  • By: NickG
  • Date: August 23, 2021
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LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man vs. Thanos (76170) is an iconic superhero construction toy designed to develop the imagination, dexterity and building confidence of youngsters aged 4 and up

Includes Iron Man and Thanos minifigures, a streamlined jet, gun tower and 2 energy stands, one for Iron Man and one for Thanos.


Parents and kids will enjoy lots of fun together, recreating movie scenes and dreaming up endless superhero adventures of their own as they help Iron Man take on super villain Thanos

This LEGO 4+ set is specially designed with a Starter Brick and simple building steps so youngsters aged 4 and up can learn to build and develop creative confidence as they go

Iron Man’s jet plane measures over 2 in. (6 cm) high, 4 in. (11 cm) long and 4 in. (12 cm) wide – an ideal size for small hands to pick up, play with and take wherever they go,


This is an excellent starter set for a child new to Lego and / or making the (big) step up from duplo. I have previously bought similar 4+ (formerly known as Lego juniors) sets for my eldest son and most recently my 4yr old daughter. I have found them good for confidence building and getting used to Lego fundamentals with their simplified builds.

The builds of the jet and cannon are not exactly the most detailed Lego produce, but these sets are specifically designed for younger children, hence the use of larger pieces such as prebuilt chassis to kick start builds and get kids into the action quickly. Of course you get plenty of smaller bits too, but if you want you can follow a “quick start” to produce bare bones models that can be played with more or less straight away.

This particular set is bound to appeal to young Marvel superhero fans and the inclusion of two very popular characters in Iron Man and Thanos is a winning combo in my opinion. The minifigs you get are not exclusive but are still nicely detailed, save for Thanos’ plain legs. Iron Man has a reversible head under his helmet and both figs come with all new trans clear display stand pieces which look great. Iron Man’s jet is armed with two disc shooters and Thanos’ cannon also comes equipped with one of the new rubber tipped shooters. Both vehicles look good (well, for 4+ sets) and match the look of their owners well, leaving no doubt as to who they belong to!! There is a small side build featuring the infinity gauntlet, giving the two characters something to fight over. Perhaps some additional printing to show the infinity stones would have been nice, but you can see what it’s meant to be!

The price per piece count of these 4+ sets isn’t great, but I would still recommend them for children between 4 and 5, or those who are a little older and aren’t very accomplished builders. If you are shopping for kids who already have lots of Lego, go for the more detailed sets!

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