Making a Ancient Roman Foam Sword

  • By: NickG
  • Date: October 11, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

This sword was built for my friend John Soares new movie JITNI Book of Lies. He wanted a ancient looking sword prop that he could also use as a stunt fighting weapon. He gave me his concept drawing and some photo references of real old metal swords . Join me on this journey taking EVA foam and turning in to a cool movie prop.

Roman sword pattern.

Roman Sword Pattern

Check out John’s site.

Also check out his Coffee talk interview.

Everything I used on this build.

TNT Cosplay supply foam.

Spray glue 77.

White paint pen.

123 Blocks.

Fiber glass rod.

Belt sander.

Box cutter.

Foam clay.

X-ACTO Knife.

Sanding blocks.

Brass tubes.

2mm craft foam.

Zap a gab glue.

Dermel tool 200

Rounded grinding stone.

V grove cutter.

Grinding stone.

Heat gun.

Wood burner.

EVA foam balls.

Rapid fill.

Sanding sticks.

Creaturecast rubber.

Spray gun.


Raw Sienna acrylic paint.

Mars black acrylic paint.

Denatured alcohol.

Rub n buff.

Matte Varnish spray.


Barge cement.

Glue pot.

Oil paint.

Matte Varnish spray

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