Mitsuba cosplay makeup 【Toilet-bound Hanako-kun 】ENGSUB

  • By: NickG
  • Date: May 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

It’s a song because of the movement. It’s an influence. I’d like to do a little timely one. There is a boy named Mitsuha who runs away from the self-destructing boy Hana Kokoro who is currently broadcasting the animation, but I’d like to do it after that.

I collected and read the originals, and when Mitsuba came out in the originals, I cosplayed as a whole, but I wonder if it was also broadcast in the animation this time. I thought it wasn’t it, so I’m going to do it. The base make-up is over.

The base make-up is detailed in the very first video, so if you are interested, please take a look there. It’s pink. It ’s fortune. Well,I haven’t bought the ping yet, so I ’ll have it hit.

K is out. Well, I’m showing something, but I’m throwing away the zombies [Music] I’ll wait for a while. Prevention I want to use a cow to tap and tap. There are no testers who are depressed. Attached also goes to the cause 8 Mish Lumin number c

Easy to go-it’s the top guy I’m going to go this me I feel like I’m going to bite into this second groove If that’s the case, 8

There is another video with Sonobe Boon and no sword, so please go there. 8 3 Tsubasa-kun, why do you have slack eyes? There is also this. The oil and fat swelled the eyelashes, so I’ll use an eyeliner to fill the space between the eyelashes and my own eyelashes. I’m pulling yeah yeah I went to the eyeliner like this.

I’ll write a line once and for all [Music] me [Music] If I write an incision line, I’ll actually write a double line. When I ask people about the double line, it’s just this concealer I’ll brighten the width of the double line tanu Miya 2 minutes, then I’ll write a tear bag next time.

Goon, then I’ll put a thin eyeshadow on top of this. [Music] me If you put shadows on the wood boo boo boo boo, use the same item c 4 to shape the highlights and the highlights of the tear bag. Hmm 2 minutes, etc. Always before writing the tear bag I’m doing it, but I’ll put cheek in the name.

I have this so that I don’t put it on the width of the double line. I can put out the incision Ren kaito just before the inner corner of the eye. I’ll move it with a thick brush. Ni ben I’ll write my eyebrows next time when I’m in love. The eyebrows are the same as before. Sometimes it’s cut, and sometimes it’s too long ago, but I’m a little troubled if I say it with wheat to my taste. Knowing nu, it looks like this.

Tigger Now, if you write eyebrows, oh god is pink, so I’ll put n 4 eyebrows on my eyebrows. I made my eyebrows pink with wood. If it’s a tower, I’d like to write Kuroko. I’m crying like this and writing me It ’s Arne. Highlights. I ’m using n powder. I got it. I ’ll fly the cat flowers with light. That’s right, Yaita Takanaka, I went to the video before that, but I want to put a little cheek on Hanasaki. Yes, I’ll use a thick brush with a thick brush me If you like, I’ll do a riffon next time I’ll write a full-scale line A little boy has a bigger mouth than a girl, so I’d like to write 10 volumes.

When I’m dressed as a man, I don’t have to apply it for each person. Mick-off is decided, so it feels like you’re wearing a big make-up.

I would be very grateful if there were people who didn’t even follow me, so I’m very grateful if you could

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