Moldable Cosplay Foam Tutorial

  • By: NickG
  • Date: October 20, 2021
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Moldable Cosplay Foam Tutorial

Hello guys this is Verlana from comic cosplay and today i want to talk about one of my favorite materials foam clay so this diablo hat is actually made out of simple five millimeter eva foam and just one bucket of foam clay that’s pretty awesome right i bring the darkness foam clay is the cool new stuff in the

Cosplay community like especially if you’re searching for an alternative when it comes to make something organic and like if you don’t really want to work with monster clay if you don’t want to make like a silicone and a mold and like all the complicated stuff like basically the foam clay you can directly apply it onto eva foam as you can see and like uh yeah you can sculpt it with

Your hands and once it dries out it becomes like very lightweight um quite similar to eva foam actually you can also like cut it you can sand it you can burn it and like dremel it and like all the things and yeah so i thought since the materials like supergamer friendly and like perfect for all kind of things today would be just perfect to show you

In a tutorial how to handle it well and as always if you want to get more tips and tricks on how to make cool costumes check out my cosplay crafting books i have for example one about foam armor making and also one about foam prop making on camera and now let’s start with the video first foam clay as the name suggests is an air drying lightweight modeling

Clay out of foam you can buy it from a lot of different shops but i get mine usually from lumens workshop in australia or cosplay shop be in belgium the one i bought came in these plastic buckets and the label says it weighs 300 gram this is only in its wet stage though once it has dried out it actually becomes a lot more lightweight and will only weight around one third of this

Also for me the material has a really long shelf life this bucket here for example is actually from two years ago and still works fine i just had to get rid of a bit of dried out material on top it also comes in different colors but i prefer to stay with black i know there are plenty of vendors using different formulas for their clay so if you order another product and i

Did keep in mind that it might behave a bit differently anyway my clay is really soft and squishy and can be brought into shape just with your bare hands simply roll it squeeze it a bit and let it dry for at least 24 hours however the part directly exposed to air dries much faster so turning your piece from time to time actually speeds up the process then you

Can add texture with a dremel and you get a cute monster teeth this is actually how i made all the snappy jaws for my brigitte cosplay once dry foam clay is still a bit flexible and can even be heat shaped with a hot air gun if you’re careful however it can also crack really easily to prevent that it helps to apply a flexible brush on primer like flexbond here i applied three layers and as you

Can see it became a lot more durable i think foam clay is really amazing especially in combination with regular eva foam to connect both just spread some water onto the surface and then add the clay directly onto your foam afterwards the water will help it to stick so there is no glue needed at all in addition you can also use

Water to dissolve the clay to make it easier to work with add more clay on top to smooth it out or even to use it as a filler in between foam seams once it’s dry simply use sanding paper to even out the edges be careful however because if you use too much water it can become super sticky i personally mostly use foam clay for sculpting on details

For the shield of my demonic brigitte cosplay for example i had to build a massive diablo head so here we use the 3d model as a starting point which benny found on the internet he first simplified the shape adjusted the proportions to fit onto my shield and turned it into a pepakura pattern then he printed out a template which i cut out piece by piece and traced onto five millimeter eva foam

I glued everything slowly together and got this quiet flat skull as a result already looked super cute but missing a lot of details if you’re curious about this technique you’ll find a link for the tutorial video in the description now to give it more texture and depth i began sculpting on scales with foam clay as you can see i just spread on some water first

And then applied a clay sausage which i smeared out into one direction a little bit of sculpting here and there and i slowly made one scale after the other then i added thinner sausages for weighings and wrinkles and place scary looking teeth which i sculpted before i also used my dremel to give the foam a more natural look afterwards foam clay is super dusty while sanding

So of course i did this over the hose of my vacuum cleaner and while wearing a good respirator i think the result turned out pretty nice and all i needed was some five millimeter eva foam and around one bucket of foam clay in addition it’s great for all kinds of different sculpting projects just use plenty of water to keep it soft and smooth work a lot with your fingers and maybe

Consider getting some sculpting tools like these silicone brushes you can also carefully heat up the foam clay to secure the surface texture and stop it from shrinking or expanding well and as i mentioned before a dremel and even a soldering iron are great tools to add even more details and texture in addition you can even use silicone molds to create all kinds of shapes just press some clay

Into the mold then put it all in the freezer until it becomes solid and finally release it again super pretty i’m pretty sure now you know how absolutely awesome foam clay is and you want to try it yourself and i hope this video was inspiring and helpful and if you still have any questions regarding to how to work with

Foam clay let me know in the comments down below and yeah i’m pretty sure i also didn’t really covered every single application of foam clay so if you still have some ideas let me know as well and yeah i want to try it out by myself if you enjoyed this video consider to give me a like and you can also subscribe to our channel and if you don’t want to miss any of the upcoming videos and tutorials

Hit the notification bell and then you get like a notification when a new video is up you can also support us on patreon and like give me a tip for all the content reproducing and also like as always i actually listed all the products we used for this video tutorial in the video description down below these are affiliate links and if you click on them you also support us directly so thanks so much for being

So awesome watching this video and yeah see you in the next one bye-bye

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