My first 10 (trashy) costumes!

  • By: NickG
  • Date: November 8, 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

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Remember, everyone starts small! When you want to start with cosplay, you might compare yourself to other more experienced cosplayers and that can be quite intimidating. By looking at all these huge armors and amazing builds, you might think you’re not skilled or talented enough to get into this hobby. But we all start small and get better with every project.

So, I wanted to show you my own very first 10 (shitty) costumes and talk a bit about how much I struggled at the beginning as well. I hope this video will inspire you and show you that it’s okay to make mistakes and maybe inspire a few other more experienced cosplayers to share their first shitty costumes too! #firstshittycostumes
– Svetlana


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