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  • By: NickG
  • Date: August 23, 2021
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Heya everyone! My name’s Beth but you may know me as PettyBeige on tiktok! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to start making cosplay tutorials so I thought I’d start with my latest project, a big fluffy wig for Nao Egokoro from Kimi Ga Shine/Your Turn to Die!!

I wasn’t put on this earth for public speaking so I apologise if my voice over is a bit wobbly but I had a lot of fun making this so please let me know if there’s more tutorials you’d like to see, wigs, makeup or otherwise!

Hi guys this is petit beige cosplay and today I’m gonna be showing you how to turn this cost craft Charlie wig into one of these fluffy monstrous messes that I absolutely adore making I’m personally using this week for now ocurro from your turn to die but you can use it for so many characters anyway this is pretty much everything you’ll need so we’ve got a wig head and a clamp I like to use these fabric ones because

I find they’re a lot easier to pin wigs into I find they’re more sturdy and I don’t know it’s what I used at college so I’ve got used to them you will also want to have a hairbrush and a comb for brushing and sectioning the wig you can tell I’m a danganronpa cosplayer because everything I own is covered in this pink paint hair clips and hair bands are also really helpful in this situation because they can help to section the wig and just keep everything

Where you want it to be so it’s not just hair flopping around everywhere wig pins or sewing pins are really helpful for attaching the wig to the wig head I like to use those ones with the little colorful bobbles on the end because then they don’t get lost in the wig later hairspray is obviously a must for this type of wig I’d like every other cosplayer on the planet like to use me you got to be glued freeze spray I just think it’s pretty neat it’s always

Worked really well for me and you only need to spray a little bit from a distance to really get the full effect I think my lungs are full of it by now for this method you’ll also need hair crimpers you don’t need these for styling wigs in general but I find they’re really good for adding extra volume and really assists in the whole teasing process hair straighteners again not entirely necessary but I use them in this method I just think it evens out

Some of the bits they’re a bit too crimped at the end and even though I completely forgot to put them on the table you will also need a pair of scissors preferably a really sharp pair of scissors you will also obviously need your wig this is the wig I am using completely unstyled it is a Charlie from cross craft in the color fuchsia and it’s really nice long wig that has a lot of layers and stuff which is gonna help add volume also the important thing and

This is why I use a lot of cause craft wigs is they are heat resistant so they are going to work for the crimpers I know this will seem obvious to most of you but if you don’t use heat-resistant wigs your wig will melt when you apply heat to it so at this point you can see I’m actually beginning to section the wig I use the wet as a guideline for when I’m sectioning a wig I’d say a good combination for crimping is two or three wets

In little inch long chunks I’ve also got my crimpers set to a medium-high heat I think it really depends on the type of crimpers you’ve got I don’t think mine go very high so I can get away with a higher setting whereas if you’ve got some really nice fancy ones I imagine it’ll go up to like a billion degrees and you’ll probably want to keep it a medium setting either way the best thing to do is actually take a small strand test so take a little strand from the

Back and just try crimping that see if it’s fine you know if it basically take it from a point that if it does melt the hair off it’s not gonna impact the wick too badly I did not do that here because I have worked with these crimpers and these weeks before and I know you know what what they can get away with anyway now begins the thankless and very elongated task of just crimping the whole wig so I’ll probably just whack on some music for a bit speed up you know

Stop rambling [Music] [Music] [Music] don’t you Cannes up [Music] finish crimping your wagon you brushed it out we should have this really big fluffy mess of a wig it’s gonna make a really nice base for all the spiking we’re about to do just give it a nice brush it’s beautiful I love it

Slightly finished crimping the way you can begin on the actual styling process of it I start on the fringe usually just because I think it’s a really good place to start and a really good base point as that’s where the main focus of most wigs are you can also see here that I am pulling up a reference photo for I want the hair to look like I’m not gonna be copying her hair exactly but I do want it to have the same feel to it and I want the fringe to be very similar

So reference photos are very nice to work from so what I’m doing here is I’m just taking a small section from the top of this spike and I’m straightening it this is so that the individual spikes have more definition and they don’t all blur into one fuzzy mess this part of the wig needs trimming but the way I’m doing that is I’m brushing out holding it all together so it’s straight and then I’m chopping into the wig in a sort of vertical motion if you do a sort of

Horizontal along the line thing that’s very nice if you want straight bangs but unfortunately it makes the week very blocky and makes it very difficult to these spikes as there’s no feathering in it I’m not gonna lie I’ve got a hairdresser I don’t know the appropriate terms for all these things but I think you can you know see what I’m getting at so here I’m lightly spraying the section that I’m now spiking putting a little bit of extra on the tip and then shaping

That section tour with my hands twiddling around the ends bow almost as if I was like molding clay or something at this point is honestly just a lot of the same but I’m gonna be by combing these sections so they can just have the extra volume the week just builds up

Honestly at this point is just building the wake higher and higher [Music] unfortunately I didn’t quite get this bit on camera I didn’t realize the camera was position solo but for the a whole game pretty sure I owe mispronounce that but what you want to do is this you just backcomb the bottom at loads but you want to make sure that you’re not taking too big of a chunk of hair and you want to make sure when your

Hair spraying it that you’re not taking you’re not applying too much hairspray otherwise it’ll weigh it down and it’ll end up falling [Music] now actually didn’t want to cover the whole wig in these spikes cuz I really liked the fun fluffy crimped effect that was going on so this is just I’m really pleased with how this turned out so thank you very much for watching my first attempt at a youtube video please

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