Outriders Cosplay for Square Enix

  • By: NickG
  • Date: November 10, 2021
  • Time to read: 19 min.

Hello guys this is Vetlana from Kamui cosplay and today I’m going to show you how to build a really cool outfit from outriders in my last video i showed you how i built the legendary weapon the super cute grim marrow and yeah this was already a commission from square enix and i also had to create a fitting outfit the only problem was that

I had only three weeks of time and yes the game is full of amazing armor sets and they are super cool and all but uh with so last time i had to pick something more simple so my choice was actually the outfit from the character in the box art i think it still looks pretty awesome it’s also very dirty and post-apocalyptic and i love it so today

I’m going to show you how to build a whole outfit from scratch i’ll try this the game is already out and the really cool thing is that you can loot the grimero as well as my outfit in the game and i think that’s pretty sweet and yeah if you want to try it you can also uh just play the demo if you want and if you also want to try out cosplay i by the way have plenty of tutorial

Books one of them for example is my sewing for beginners book so if you need some help just grab it on camera cosplay.com as a physical version or download version and now enough of talking let’s start crafting for costume reference kryonik sent me this rendered front view image of my character and yes i indeed only had the front view to build everything so this whole project

Involved a lot of guessing as the only addition i also got a screen recording of a similar armor in the game but since the outfit there looked actually very different the back of the costume was just a wild guess to me so this would be quite challenging and no i wouldn’t shave my hair when you boot up the game there is a character creator with plenty of cool hairstyles

So i will just choose one of those but for now let’s finally get started i first begun with the poncho since it’s the most iconic part of the costume however i had no idea how to make the pattern so i tried to create a fabric dummy with some leftover material first this technique involves random pattern drafting and just hoping that the result will somehow work out

As you can see with a little bit more cutting here and there it looked already pretty good yay i think this is a really easy and fast technique to make patterns and i use it for many projects afterwards i grabbed my fabric of choice which was a thick beige cotton and traced all those shapes onto the material the funny thing is that once i’m working on the floor

Zelda and mitna think it’s playtime and they do their best to get my attention okay they are really cute though next i just pinned all these parts together sewed along here and folded the edges with my lovely fabric clips yes they are called fabric clips since i know you will ask that more sewing in the reference this upper edge looks pretty stiff so i cut out a long

Stripe of fabric folded it ironed it added it to my scarf thingy and sewed it on this was the result so far so good now the rest of the poncho zelda and midna did their very best to be extra cute well and you know the drill already the fabric was a little bit stiffer but i just hoped it would still work out at the end my sewing skills aren’t

Really great so i experiment a lot and just give my best for the poncho this was luckily enough yay the base looked really nice so far then it was time for the details here i made a paper pattern for this part i used this amazing metallic platter which i bought in a random fabric shop ages ago after cutting everything out i covered

The edges with fabric glue and folded them all around you’ll notice that i used this glue quite a lot in this project it’s called guterman ht2 amazing stuff i used it also to secure the leather pieces onto the poncho then i only had to sew along the edges for the next step i had to get a few extra strips all self made and afterwards more glue my poor sewing machine had to get

Through all those layers the poncho also required a few eyelets placed all around its edges they don’t have any purpose or make sense but they look cool yeah i added plenty of them some details were still missing but i was already quite happy with the result okay next came the top underneath the poncho i recognized here only the sleeves but it was enough to figure out

The fabric for this i used a store-bought pattern and just traced my size onto transparent paper oh my this part is super boring but at least i know the patterns will work out i used my shiny blue metallic platter for most of the top but also a stretchy thick jersey to keep it comfy and breathable at the end and again zelda tried it

Really really hard as you can see though she was pretty successful this time did i already mention that i totally love my sewing clips anyway so far so good now to the next step finishing this leaves i connected the edges with my clips and this was the result after sewing next i had to attach them to the shirt sleeves look always super weird at this point but

Once the sewing was done and the dog was cuddled they looked pretty fine now i only had to fold over the edges and added a nice finish with my sewing machine so this was the complete shirt and here goes the poncho on top we are doing some nice progress yay now the arm guards as you can see the main reference wasn’t really helpful here so i tried my very

Best to figure out some details and shapes in the video footage again i made a paper pattern and traced it onto four leather after adding enough sew allowance i cut the fabric out and covered piece of interfacing with a good amount of glue afterwards i added a second layer of fabric to the back and finished everything on my sewing machine

Then i turned it inside out added a further seam and this was the bracer so far yes this was supposed to be a bracer believe it or not then more glue a further piece on top and some eyelets for decoration i highly recommend not hammering those holes at 2 am in the morning by the way

Looked already more fancy right then i added a final seam just here and this was done my bracer so far brazier yes now i couldn’t really saw them onto the sleeves anymore so i glued them on this glue is just too amazing then i also made those thingies i didn’t really had a good image of them so i just made up my own design glued them on

As well then benny added some red paint here and there and did our vinyl cutter for some fancy details i got done this perfectly cut emblem which i carefully placed onto my bracer and i read it on under protective baking paper just had to peel off the foil on top now i also added a random number to a thin strip covered it with glue and placed it onto

The bracer as well yes this looked very nice so these were the final sleeves and arm guards now to the protective vest from the video i knew there would be something on the back as well but the design looked quite confusing so my creative freedom was required again this time i use duct tape and my dress form for pattern making oh my you get to

See so many different techniques for this stuff in this video but yeah i roughly drew the shape on and at the back the same way then i peeled off the tape and cut my pattern carefully out so far so good afterwards i traced the shape onto fabric and added here a thick layer of interfacing i love the stuff to build up volume and thickness

As you can see i kept the sew allowance free and then clipped on a second layer of fabric onto the back next i sewed all around the interfacing just had to make some cuts here and there and then i could turn this thing inside out as well i used the same technique for plenty of pieces of this costume as you might already noticed the clips were already a great

Help to place the last seam around the edges the front part was pretty much the same but was slightly more complicated because of the booby curves as you can see this works for plenty of shapes so let’s speed up this part a bit some clips here and some sewing there and the front of the vest was done as well next i placed some marks

And added a few decorative seams on top i also used one of my markers which did a good job to highlight them and then i left plenty of eyelets i honestly wonder if people will even notice all those details but this looked already so much better than the plain fabric before well and here was the almost finished west something was still missing but you’ll see that later

The next step was the shoulder armor or whatever this was supposed to be i wasn’t really able to see much in the main reference so i tried my best to recognize it from the video for the front pieces benny drew me a helpful blueprint in illustrator the side and the back of the armor was a little bit more tricky though i drew some freehand patterns here and there

Cut them out and attached them piece by piece onto the poncho this helped me to get an idea of the right size and the right shape of each armor part so this was my paper dummy afterwards i traced all parts on 5 and 10 millimeter high density eva foam this material is quite durable but lightweight and i love working with it i only needed a sharp blade to cut everything out once done this is how my puzzle looked

Like let’s see if this would work out next i began sanding the edges with my dremel this looked already much better it only required some patience so after i smoothed out the scented areas i carefully melted the foam surface with my heat gun heating up the material helps a lot to shape it see nice and round then i spread on some contact cement and began stacking my foam parts i used

Here a mix of the original reference and the video and tried to create something that would work now for shaping curves i glued one layer onto a thin piece of foam and bended it while connecting both parts worked like a charm i only had to get rid of the excess material next super happy with this part then more

Gluing and stacking here and there and this is how the armor slowly came together here i just had to make sure i used the right measurements but here this was basically the base afterwards i just begun adding random details some stripes here some rivets there it obviously needed to look detailed and technical then i made this thingy here as well

The armor seemed to be very random and didn’t make much sense but i actually really liked the design and by adding some dremel in rivets and holes i could give it at last final touch dum-dum-dum doing all the drilling well and a good trick is also to cut into those rivets then once you heat them up they become screws this was my foam armor built very random

Very technical but still pretty cool i would say for the next step the priming my husband benny used quick seal to smooth out some gluing seams first he mostly fixed the roughly dremeled edges afterwards i grabbed a spray rubber primer and applied several layers onto the foam then benny applied only a tiny bit of silver

With this airbrush this way the armor got a nice shimmer but still stayed pretty dark super careful benny has amazing painting skills by the way that’s why he is always helping me here afterwards he rubbed some paint onto his fingers and spread it this way onto the armor if you ask me i think that’s pretty weird but he says he has more control this way well and i think the result is

Pretty convincing as well so let’s go back to kindergarten and paint over our fingers again yay cause that’s what the pros do however at the very end benny still grabbed his brush again doing these lines with your fingers would be probably still too challenging even for benny and as you can see he also added some silver highlights so the armor looked more used

And weathered yeah it looked pretty fine oh and there was zelda waiting for her cuddles then benny added some last details and i could finally seal his paint job with a satin spray varnish and this was how the armor looked like attached with double sided tape at this moment by the way i know you are curious for the attachment i actually used a lot of hot glue i first

Connected these thingies on the front afterwards i covered some velcro tape with more glue attached it to the foam and then sealed the edges i actually use velcro for most of my attachments since it’s really easy to glue on holds well and allows you to jump into a costume quite fast i only had to mark the area for the

Counter piece on the poncho and then sew the velcro on see super easy the rest of the armor got pretty much the same treatment next i had to add the last details yeah this part was a little bit messy but nobody knows well except you now then benny added more red lights oh and i also should add that i sewed on the scarf onto the poncho but forgot to record it

But here here the upper part of the costume was almost done the buckles were still missing though i drew here again a rough pattern on paper and traced it onto evie foam benny also offered me to 3d sculpt and print them but to be honest with you i like to keep the stuff fast and simple so instead i made everything by hand

Cutting all pieces out and sanding all eight buckles surely took a while but after i glued everything on piece by piece i finished all parts actually in just a few hours only some little screws and all buckles were done next i primed all parts with spray rubber and benny gave them a nice red paint job again he faked the chipped paint look

With some silver and this was one of the final buckles now only a layer of protective spray varnish was missing okay back to the reference the game outriders set in a post-apocalyptic world so this outfit had to be worn out teared up and look pretty dirty so it was time to give my costume some life i used my good old trusty

Dremel to ruin the edges and even cut huge holes into the fabric after sewing everything nice and pretty it’s actually quite fun to destroy all of your hard work again it was just important not to mess up too much but once done the costume should look so much better promise next benny began messing everything up with the airbrush this tool is actually quite sweet to

Create smooth gradients and evenly apply a good amount of paint here we really had to consider where dirt would stick on the costume and therefore benny spread a lot of colors especially around the seams and at the bottom following this he grabbed a brush and dabbed dirty paint water onto the fabric the costume had to look like it was soaked with water

And mud and so i did extra work here as well benny was just too worried to mess up the costume but i wasn’t afraid to ruin just everything next i did pretty much the same for the rest of the top a little bit of dremel work and benny added some airbrush to it here and there not too much dough just a little bit and once done i could

Finally hot glue my buckles on yes they were not functional but they looked cool these belts actually hold together with velcro by the way next benny did some weathering on the arm guards at this point i think i don’t need to mention that the costume actually smelled like a spray paint booth

And more acrylic paint benny tried to make everything look very dirty and muddy so used a lot of olive brown and beige colors and i did some cleaning afterwards to make sure it would look all right at the end well and here is the before and after footage i think the difference is quite convincing right totally love a good weathering effect

It makes the whole costume far more believable next it was time for the pants oh i hate sewing pants so again i got my fabric traced my patterns and cut out all shapes and after i clipped and sewed everything together i noticed again that my sewing skills are crap and at the fabric i chose what not

Stretchy enough for my fat legs i hate sewing pants so instead i bought some pants in a shop and they were perfect for this costume so just had to get rid of the pockets grabby pants sorry if i get a little bit emotional here next i made these coverings for the hips you know already how i made them right though then i clipped some black platter stripes and

Sewed along the edges this is actually how i made all my belt thingies these ones were then covered with more lovely fabric glue placed onto the hip coverings and little more glue here and there see i told you this glue is pure magic and then i sewed everything properly on i also made a belt which worked very professionally with velcro tip afterwards i roughly

Placed these zip fingies with more fabric glue magic tool too and added even more sticky stuff and pressed everything on nice and pretty [Music] then for the knee part i made a rough duct tape pattern and here is the finished zone piece for the gators i simply cut out a square of fabric i finished the top and bottom edges

First and glued it onto the knee piece then i cut out more from my blue metallic fabric folded the edges around and got this result then this is like a random thing that belongs to the gators but i think it made this whole part far more interesting i added here more leather strips glued on the folds and placed a proper seam here as well so

Far is so good afterwards i could finally fold the gators over clip the fabric and finish the seam on my sewing machine well and these were the finished gaiters i made them actually a little bit too short so i added an extra piece of fabric at the bottom professionally glued on finally i pulled them up and spread glue onto the knee parts glue

Was obviously not the only thing that held my pants together at the very end benny patiently hand sewed all around the green fabric to make sure everything stays in place properly well and this was then the result the pants fit just perfectly and i think these little adjustments made them even better now only some weathering was missing again

I ruined the fabric a little bit with my dremel especially at the bottom after trying to sew really nice and clean this step feels a little bit weird though afterwards benny tried to cover up the dark spots of the removed pockets well and the rest was done with the airbrush as well as you can see the ripped of fabric became pretty bright but the paints easily fixed it benny

Darkened everything again especially the seams and it teared up areas afterwards we both added a lot of dirty paint water especially the bottom had to look soaked and ugly so we did quite some effort here now for the shoes i actually used my everyday doggle walkie shoes they were already pretty dirty and well

Weathered so they fit perfectly well and here are the finished pants i love how ugly they look now adding weathering really turns a costume into a believable outfit and i think zelda agrees for the finished costume i decided to create this hairstyle from the character crater so i grabbed an old brown wig i still had leftover from a previous project

Shortened it a bit cut it here and there and added braids and stuff i was actually also too lazy to make some gloves so i grabbed some super old training gloves i had laying around somewhere cosplay recycling so finally it was time for proper photoshoot i did my very best to apply a post-apocalyptic makeup does this look post-apocalyptic

Enough and threw my wig on just had to glue on the lace front properly and this was me fully dressed up the costume turned out super comfy had a great fit and i think it looked straight out of the game benny did a great job on the weathering and i think in general it has a really cool design good job

Outriders team and it looked even better with the grim marrow in my hands i’m so happy how everything turned out for the dressing test photoshoot we used only a grey background but benny and i try our best to find a proper photo location for later but so far i’m really satisfied with the work benny and i did on this project thanks so much for watching i really hope you enjoyed this video and

Especially thanks so much to square enix and the team of outriders for asking us to create a green marrow and also the outfit benny and i we had a lot of fun to create everything from scratch it was a really cool project and i think the design is really really cool and awesome and i hope you as well liked it as well and uh yeah now that i’m finally done with

Creating the costume i cannot wait to try out the game myself because i was very busy crafting before so i’m probably going to play the trickster because this class looks very interesting and yeah if you also played the game so far let me know in the comments how you like it yeah and if you have any questions regarding to the project and

The costume let me also know in the comments and if you have no idea what to write down in the comments write down corgi to support us with the youtube algorithm and join the gorky squad so and yeah you probably wonder about the tools and materials we used and as always you can find links for everything in the video description down below and

Other than that thanks so much for watching like and subscribe hit the notification bell and support us on patreon right and yeah see you very soon in the next video bye

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This is the second video of my Outriders commission for Square Enix! Today I’ll show you how to create the post apocalyptic outfit from the games box-art and how to weather it to make it look real! The outfit is called “Space-Time Pioneer” in the game btw. 🙂 Good luck looting it!

– Svetlana

This video was commissioned by Square-Enix Germany. Thanks so much!

EVA Foam: https://amzn.to/2PSSBDE​
Box Cutter: https://amzn.to/2ru1j1U​
Xacto Knife: https://amzn.to/2yLrq7M​
Contact Glue: https://amzn.to/3aBOML0​
Squeeze-Bottles: https://amzn.to/2NKLfPC​
Dremel: https://amzn.to/2L7pkDG​
Dremel Snake: https://amzn.to/2IP1IyK​
Hot Air Gun: https://amzn.to/2IP12tc​
Flexbond: https://amzn.to/3aoAME5​
Hot Glue Gun: https://amzn.to/2KHFun5​

Dust Mask: https://amzn.to/2IpB0zF​
Respirator: https://amzn.to/2PUNd2N​
Safety Goggles: https://amzn.to/31FOxup​

Airbrush Set US/CA: https://amzn.to/2H8qiMK​
Airbrush Set EU: https://amzn.to/33BxevG​
Water Filter: https://amzn.to/2xijYAv​
Cleaning Station: https://amzn.to/3cEUVHR​
Vallejo Model Air Paint: https://amzn.to/2KOT3iB​
Vallejo Game Air Paint: https://amzn.to/2YOIypC​
Airbrush Cleaner: https://amzn.to/2THqYhH​
Acrylic Paint: https://amzn.to/39wAdb8​

Sewing Machine: https://amzn.to/2TsZ1ex​
Fabric Glue: https://amzn.to/2CWAVQc​
Wonder Clips: https://amzn.to/2Br6GQv​
Dress Form: https://amzn.to/2wwVMdc​
Eyelets: https://amzn.to/2IqPQW0​
Fabric Scissors: https://amzn.to/2lSIhfc​

Camera Equipment:
Video: Sony alpha 6500: https://amzn.to/3eMB3ne​
“Cheap” Lens: https://amzn.to/3cKJQEG​
Sony a7RII: https://amzn.to/2yGotWk​
GMaster 24-70mm f2.8: https://amzn.to/2yFgtVe​
Camera screen: https://amzn.to/3eK8XZL ​
Sound: Rode Smartlav+: https://amzn.to/2VtYTfU​
Rode Wireless Go: https://amzn.to/2KvAD6Z​
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0:00​ – Intro
2:04​ – Poncho
4:48​ – Top
8:04​ – West
10:00 – Armor
15:16​ – Buckles
16:14​ – Weathering
18:34​ – Pants
22:25 – Wig & Make-Up
23:11 – Full Costume
24:02 – Outro


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