Cinema Makeup School’s Next Level of Cosplay! Stephany Castillo

Hello! This is my entry to CMS, The next level of cosplay! The character I decided on doing was The Angel of death. To whom ever may watch this video, thank you! This is a 3 minute video describing why I want to attend the school, and in a brief description, what I did to…

Cinema Makeup School’s The Next Level of Cosplay – Julia Chateau

This is my recreation of the Empress of the Racnoss from Doctor Who for Cinema Makeup School’s The Next Level of Cosplay Scholarship Competition. model: Alicia Clark cinematography: Chris Kotcher music: “Armadillo” by Against the Grain Special thanks: Dog Story Theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Cinema Makeup School’s The Next Level Of Cosplay – GROOT – LEXI GILBERT

I AM GROOT. This is my entry for Cinema Makeup School’s scholarship competition ‘The Next Level Of Cosplay’ 2016. This is my 2nd time entering and this time I’ve made Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy! He was a huge challenge and I had a ton of fun making him and wearing him. PLEASE NOTE:…

Tokyo Mew Mew Ichigo Cosplay Mega Con Birmingham Masquerade – Bittersweet Darling Dance!

This was my performance in the Mega Con Birmingham Masquerade 2022 as Mew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew! I decided to dance to to new song Bittersweet Darling, I’m super excited for the anime remake! I did mess up a few times due to stage fright & cosplay discomfort BUT just means I need to…

naruto cosplay contest

Domenico Nicotra-Naruto uzumaki ( Riccardo Pandetta- Kabuto sennin ( Bruno bonnici sasuke uchiha ( Sabrina lombardo – hinata hyuga ( Lorenzo Campione itachi uchiha ( usagi koizora sakura haruno ( jessica pappalardo konan ( italian cosplayer… comics event “Games & comics school festival 2015” in italia sicilia video registered by (