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  • Date: November 10, 2021
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Hello guys long time no see my name is Svetlana from cover cosplay and today I’m going to show you how I made my inner braid well blades from one starter the first time I saw the turnover I knew I had to make its I’ll go set it can throw lightning glow-in-the-dark and I wanted my armor to look just like that for my weapons I chose the dual blades because that’s what I’m using in the game as well in the best part is they

Can even go into demon mode pretty cool right now do you wonder how to install such fancy led’s as well hmm well just check out my animated LED book it’s a lot easier than it looks and all you need to know is in this handy book and now let’s start the video here you can see the amazing screen resolution of the Nintendo 3ds just perfect to see all the details of my reference well naturally but drawing in

The art book help and Benny also drew a nice blueprint for me I printed and cut it out and then it was time to start working for the base I use the PVC pipe that are cut to the right length next I heated the piece up and deformed it for my help I wanted my swords to be detachable so I used pipes in two different diameters that I could stick together next I trace the upper shape of my blueprint on 10 millimeter black Evi

Phone I cut all pieces out and hot glued them on to my PVC pipe my pipe ideas seem to work so far to make it thicker I added more layers of DVF on both contact cement and then it was time for some carving to soften the edges of the farm I use red dremel looked a lot better right next the electronics I grabbed a pro trinket five-fold from Adafruit and edit a lipo backpack on top to light up my swords I also prepared some new pixel LED strips

Now I added some contact you to my phone base and attach to LED strips I also placed three switches on top which let me turn the lights on and off but also switch between four different light modes afterwards I connected everything to my trinket and added some insulation tape yeah it look like it’s working after that I squished the whole circuit together with a lipo battery into a hole inside the phone next it was time for

The blade since I wanted my lights to shine through I chose this translucent Evi foam then I cut my paper blueprint into little pieces I traced and Myr at each piece onto the foam edit some extra material on one side and cut it out another little cut in the middle and I had a nice slightly translucent scale after that I used some heat and glue to bring each scale into shape and attached one after the other to the plate good this was quite some work but I really

Laughed the result now I added some texture with my dremel it finish the grip with a few additional layers and details to make my detaching mechanism stronger I drilled a hole through the pipes grab some small neodym magnets and place them into the holes some hot glue fix them into place easy right for the back of the sword I cut out a bunch of free millimeter film scales then each piece got heated up squish

Together and glued onto the base I grabbed my soldering iron and burned some more texture into the material then they covered my switches and the more scales and after this the circuit was now completely hidden yay now I only had to rub off the grip and add some last details last but not least I also hit co2 phone so far so good the phone belt was finally done now it was Benny’s turn to keep the blade translucent and flexible he primed

Everything with three layers of flexpa for painting when you use airbrush colors from Vallejo first she applied a light layer of ivory to the scales after that he added shades and even darker shades of brown on top a few additional details he hand-painted on top the next step was to add some masking tape to the scales grab a blue color a brush the back of the blade following that he added some highlights and a lighter shade of blue now he got

Rid of his tape and it looked good time to finish the grip Benny painted it silver for the metal part and more boney looking at the fin he added some shapes here and some details there and finally in sealed both plates with a matte acrylic spray varnish next I added some fur to one of the grips the fabric was super nice white faux fur I cut two pieces out glued them on and edit a bit of shading with gray Copic markers I also used

Hairspray to study for a bit this really made it nice and spikey and at the end all that was missing was a leather strap for the grip of course I did this for some high-quality hot glue done so let’s see how the finished Sonora dual blades look like tada I love how they turned out so rough and natural-looking and the best thing is they light up I added a cool ice blue crawling effect for the idle state and a redeeming mode for being totally opie

Just like in the game now let’s put them to use and get some tasty carga meat yum yum yum now this was a cool project I cannot wait to continue on Miami next let me know in the comments below if you are as excited from once the underworld ask also don’t forget to loot the subscribe button and support us on patreon if you like our videos I hope you learned something want to cosplay Monster Hunter as well and you’re in the next video bye


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Woooaah! I am SO excited for Monster Hunter World! I played 3, 4, Stories and Generations just to be prepared! I also started with my Zinogre Cosplay! Since I also need an awesome weapon, I chose to build the Dual Blades! I always wanted to work with translucent EVA foam so this was the perfect chance! Let me know if you have more questions!

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